Posted on July 27, 2015: Is it an effective marketing strategy to show animals as dumb or vicious beings in advertisements, while claiming your product or service to be effective ‘against’ fighting their ‘menace’?

In the day of dedicated pet parents and animal lovers, how many people find... Read more

Posted on July 22, 2015: Meet One-Eye, a 13-year-old Indian dog born with one eye, who was abandoned by her pet parent about two years ago. Not because she was difficult... Read more

Posted on 2nd June, 2015: 18"x30"x18".

That’s roughly the size of the cage of most exotic birds for sale. The reason people buy them is because they look pretty. Well, think about it. Who doesn’t love brightly colored macaws, ornate cockatoos, and adorable cockatiels? These birds are not... Read more

Posted on 22nd May, 2015: Phantom’s back. Remember the brave leader of the Pack of Indian Stray Dogs (PISD) who subverted intense security to crash... Read more

Posted on 20th May, 2015: "The low ebb to which zoos had allowed themselves to fall in public estimation was made apparent by the reaction I got when people found out what I intended to do. If I had informed them that I was going to start a plastic bottle factory, a pop group, a strip club or... Read more

Posted on 18th May, 2015: When my feisty male cat turned two, he also turned into a sex-crazed, angry monster. And the person who suffered his attacks the most was my other two-ish year old male cat, who never went looking for a fight, but would always be beaten up. Because he lived in the same... Read more

Posted on 14th Apr, 2015: When we started to live together, back in 2010, I was very worried for my little grey tabby, shorthaired kitten. A coin-sized wound above his right thigh looked like someone had gouged out his flesh. He was disoriented and dehydrated from spending god-knows-how-many... Read more

Posted on 12th Apr, 2015: Remember those guys who rescued Raju the elephant who spent 50 years in chains and cried when he was rescued last year? They are the good people at... Read more

Posted on 1st Apr, 2015: You are probably wondering why you don’t see me anymore. My buddies and I used to be around all the time – on every branch of every tree in every garden of every city. Singing songs and having a good time. I bet you can find us in some of those old family photographs too... Read more

Posted on 27th Mar, 2015: It was truly comforting to read that following a Hindustan Times story on the sorry state of the... Read more


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