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Zorro - a 5 and 1/2 year old St. Bernard looking for home

Zorro, St Bernard, swiss mountain dog, 5 and 1/2 years old, intact male, always kept tied up outdoors in all weathers, needs a patient master and loving home. He is tall but underweight for his age (48 kgs) but otherwise healthy. Since he is rarely walked he has so much pent-up energy that he is sometimes hard to control. He becomes very aggressive at the vet's as he has become a little fearful of new experiences from being tied up. He has never been socialized, but is very needy for human love and extremely loving, loyal, and clingy and attention-seeking to those who care for him. This makes him very protective of those he sees as his human companions and he may jump or even grab people he sees as intruders. Aggressive towards dogs and strangers, he would still be happier if made to adjust to the company of a female dog, rather than being kept alone. He needs a large space to roam in and a cool room in summer, or better yet a farm in the hills with a family or even just a caretaker with experience of giant breeds, who will NOT tie him up. He hates being left alone for long periods. A St Bernard is happiest living and working alongside his master 24x7. He loves chasing away monkeys and needs a purpose in life, like guarding his home, and needs to be trained to behave calmly around people, as he acts like an overgrown puppy sometimes. He is not a big eater and would wilt with heat and too much vigorous exercise. Needs regular grooming as he drools occasionally. Anyone who has the temperament to handle this St Bernard’s special character and can devote the love and resources needed to care for such a dog will find that love amply rewarded with untiring devotion. Pre-adoption house checks and other adoption formalities are mandatory. No breeders.
Contact info: 
Please call 9871233919 if you think you can take on Zorro.

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