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Indie for adoption in Delhi

Christmas is here! The 'Christmas spirit' should be too! But it means nothing if you close your heart and home during this season because you are so busy celebrating! I know it's glittering lights time, party time, dressing up time, opening presents time, but please, make some time and some space in your mind and home for the needy babies, the abused, abandoned and traumatised pets or stray animals, and their happiness, their cheer. Here is a young boy Czar with glossy, heavy coat and his tail held high. He survived being dumped at a dumpster, a shelter, and now he has some congestion needing three days of injectable antibiotics twice a day. After that it will be oral. Will someone please help him believe in the Christmas spirit, that indeed there is such a thing? Will someone please foster or ADOPT HIM AND LOVE HIM VERY, VERY MUCH? Please email at with the details of your - location, - details about who else is in the family - if they are all keen to bring Czar home. - Type of accommodation, - If you've had dogs before, and - if there is someone at home all the time.
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