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Looking for a home for this abandoned Labrador-cross

This abandoned Labrador-cross has been staying in our society since the past one year.We have named her Zoya which means the Gift of God in Arabic and Russian. It also means life. Zoya first came to us in the ten day Ganesh festival, so my daughter named her accordingly.The name also means "made of light" and ironically she's golden.Her coat colour is Fawn (golden with little hints of white). In terms of Food preferences she is not fussy at all...eats everything served with kindness. As far as her behavior is concerned - she barks at strangers as she is afraid of people because she's been ill-treated but with positive reinforcement I'm sure this will also fade away! She could be a very affectionate and lovable pet if she's given the right kind of treatment and affection. She has never bitten anyone so far! Last August, she was abandoned on the road for being pregnant. She had a blue collar and would often be sighted roaming on the roads alone. Since she did not belong to this territory, she'd often get chased by other dogs, however, she would wag her tail and sit down in front of them and they'd eventually leave her alone.Since our building is rather empty, she took refuge on the third floor of our wing. During this time, she was naturally aggressive in order to protect her puppies. But after the puppies were given away for adoption, she calmed down.Her presence was not liked by anybody, and due to this, she was always troubled by several means such as pelting stones, raising bamboo sticks at her etc by neighbors and outsiders.She's being fostered by a kind couple who feeds dogs all over Pune. Nevertheless, she's not safe in this area. As far as possible, we try to look after her but most of the times none of us are at home. We do not wish to expose her to any further torment or threats and I'd like to look for a loving home where she could live a happier life. Vaccinated: Yes.She's been given her dose of 7-in-1 vaccinations. Other details: Would not prefer staying in a flat, or an enclosed space. Doesn't like being tied. Needs little time and patience to adjust to people and rebuild her lost trust in human beings Requires genuine love and care...We're currently based in Pune, but we can come to Mumbai to drop her no problem!
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Please call Siddhi on 9623869222

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