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A Dog’s Life in Luxury Hotels

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Posted on December 9, 2015: Around the world, pets are gradually getting all the more privileges in households. There are a few lucky ones who are afforded luxuries like expensive massages, spa treatments and also stays in luxury hotels. Some of these hotels will pamper your pet more than you can ever imagine. D Pets Hotel in New York, for instance, rents out rooms more spacious than many New York apartments exclusively for dogs. It would set you back by about $200 per day! 

D Pets Hotel in New York City

Check your dog into the $200 a night Uber Suite. Just like you can watch TV in the comfort of your hotel room, your dog can stretch out on the queen-sized bed and watch some doggy shows (?!) on the 42-inch flat-screen TV.

They can play with the other dogs of the hotel when they are seeking canine company. They’ll be treated with pedicures and delicious meals of brown rice and meat. This 1,000-square feet spacious hotel in the plush Manhattan hub of New York provides ample space for the pets to frolic and unwind. This hotel operates from 7 am to 8 pm, during which mainly people who go to work and college students check in their pets. They pick up their dogs on their way back home. Those going on a vacation also check in their pets into this resort, though those who use it as daycare are greater in number.

Peppy Paws Pet Resort

India is also not too far behind in this regard. Priya Roshan Poduval and Roshan Poduval are the founders of Peppy Paws Pet Resort in Pune. Priya says on the inspiration behind the resort, “I have always had pets around me in my growing up years as I was living with my uncle who is a professional veterinary doctor. I grew up in Pune with three adorable dogs who shared my bed, my life, my dreams and as years passed by, they became the most integral part of my life and I knew when I grew up if ever I did something, it had to be for these four-legged companions,
and thus, the journey of Peppy Paws began.”

Priya was motivated to start a resort which was beyond a kennel. She says, “Another reason to open Peppy Paws was my first pet Tyson who inspired me to start a facility where I could provide the best experience to all the pets. At that point in time, there were no such facilities except traditional backyard kennels. Hence, I started a pet resort where we provide boarding, daycare, training and grooming facilities. We also have a pet cafe and a swimming pool for all the pampered pooches. It’s a place where you can hang out with your pets and where they can roam about freely, socialise with other friendly pets and enjoy their vacation.”

The couple has business expansion plans in near future. Priya says, “We have plans to set up Peppy Paws in all the metros by 2017. We want
to give the best pet experience to all the pet lovers and we dream that every child has a pet. We will be soon be opening the place for pet parents to stay as well. That facility is in the pipeline and will be functional by next year. As of now, we offer overnight boarding facilities for dogs and cats, daycare, training, grooming, pet events, swimming for dogs, pick up and drop, pet old age home and critical care centre for dogs.”  

To find out more about Peppy Paws, visit the website here and on Facebook here.

Hotel for Dogs in Chennai

Whereas most of us may sulk, but do nothing about a bad experience of keeping our pet in a kennel, Shravan Krishnan from Chennai took a constructive step to bring about a change in pet boarding centres, after having had a nightmarish experience with his Great Dane’s stay at a substandard pet boarding centre. He says, “When I returned from my vacation, I discovered that my pet had lost 10kgs in 10 days and he had ticks all over. It took a couple of weeks for him to be restored to health.”

A 'once bitten twice shy' Shravan stayed back in Chennai to look after his dog when his parents went on a Europe trip. He says, “I felt that there should be a boarding centre which is clean, hygienic, fumigated, and regularly vaccinated, with a vet on call, enough space for dogs to roam about and where they’re taken on daily walks. I started a boarding just like that. I installed CCTV cameras, so that what’s going on can be monitored.”

He began getting many customers. He avers, “Pet parents who hadn’t gone on a vacation for years started leaving their dogs with me. I only had space for 20 dogs. I thought of expanding my business. So, I built a hotel for dogs. As Chennai is a warm city, which has relatively high temperatures in winter as well, I installed sandwich panels which provide cooling. For hydrotherapy, we have a swimming pool. Then there’s a spa for grooming. There’s a pickup and drop centre for pets. There’s one caregiver for every three dogs. Pet parents can check on their dogs on skype. As the beach is nearby, the dogs are taken there on a walk. Our hotel’s philosophy is that when pet parents are going on a vacation, pet kids should enjoy a vacation as well.”

Shravan was forced to relocate dogs to a facility in Bengaluru during the recent Chennai floods. His team is reported to have evacuated many dogs from the disaster-hit city. Read more here: #ChennaiFloods: Outpouring of rescue and support doesn’t end with human victims.

To find out more about Hotel for Dogs, visit the website here and on Facebook here.

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