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Say Cheese! Tips for taking the perfect pet photos

Posted on November 30, 2015: Our smartphones allow us to share each and every detail of our life, pictorially. An average person’s social media feed has wedding photos, baby photos,food photos, travel photos, celebrity photos, party photos and of course, pet photos. No self-respecting pet parent can resist taking photos of their beloved pet and sharing it with the world. With our help you’ll be able to take some beautiful photographs of little Marmaduke too!

Take natural pictures: Rather than making your pets stare into the camera; capture them in myriad natural moods. Choose situations and moods which document their personality and idiosyncrasies. Capture them both while sleeping and awake, at play, being mischievous, at bath time, eating, highly active, lazing etc.

Use lighting wisely: Tender and equitable light in an outdoor setup provides ideal lighting for a photo shoot of your pet. Late afternoon and morning are the best times of the day for pet photography. During indoor shots, it’s best to avoid flashes and harsh photography lighting. This is because pets get scared by them. Also using a flash may result in the pet’s eye appearing as red, in the snap. Open the door and windows to allow the interiors to be bathed in natural light instead.

Explore various angles: Capturing the same activity of your pet from various angles will give varied results. Also, aim at a level which is in sync with your pet. Crouch to their height, while clicking away. 

Clear the clutter: Won’t the picture look untidy if it’s taken in a messy room? So clean the screen space of mess, unless a particular item enhances the aesthetic appeal of a picture.

Bribe for a good picture: Giving a dog toys and treats may naturally motivate him/ her to get involved in activities, which gives rise to more entertaining pictures. For cats, some cat nip sprinkled on the ground, a bit of yarn or a feather teaser may work the magic. In the case of a rabbit, try their favourite food.

Patience needed: A pet photographer needs to be very patient. He/ she may need to be alert throughout the day in anticipation for appropriate moments to click photographs. He/ she needs to remain quiet and move slowly during photography so that the pet isn’t disturbed.

Choose the best pictures and share your album on Gingertail: Photographs can be a cherished way to look back upon moments spent with loved ones. So keep your digicam/ smartphone at hand, you never know when the perfect moment will strike!

Share your pet photographs with Gingertail! And we’ll tell the world.


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