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BuzzFeed launches Tinder like app to rate pets

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Posted on 2nd Mar, 2015: BuzzFeed, a constant source of all things shareable, has released a new app titled, ‘Cute or Not’. This brightly colored app is best described as Tinder for pets. Users swipe right (for Cute) or left (for Not Cute), earning badges along the way and uploading pictures of their own pets. You can also have your pet discovered and featured on BuzzFeed’s website. Cute or Not, which won’t have advertising, lets you vote on the cutest animals every day, and the top pets wind up on BuzzFeed. At this point, that’s about all the app does. The app is an extension of the earlier conceptual version of ‘Cute or Not’ launched by Buzzfeed in its animal section in 2012 - a pet-centric game designed to keep its users hooked. As of now this app is only available on iOS.

"Cute or Not is also about making something we think will delight people. In fact, Cute or Not actually started as an editorial experiment by BuzzFeed's animals team where BuzzFeed community members could upload their pets to BuzzFeed and vote for their favorites. We believed that Cute or Not would make an even better app experience and wanted to build something that our community could have fun with," says Chris Johanesen, Buzzfeed's vice president of product in a blog post.

‘Cute or Not’ is BuzzFeed’s second app in its nearly 10-year history (the other being the baseline BuzzFeed app) and the beginning of what, according to Chris, will be a ‘year of apps’ for the viral content creator with different apps focused on different types of stories and media– so it’s interesting that BuzzFeed decided to choose pets as the subject of their first focused app – goes to show the viral power of pets!

(Images: BusinessInsider, BuzzFeed)

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