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Register an SOS, rescue or your pet: the app that unites animal lovers is here!

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Posted on December 28, 2016: Pet parents and animal lovers often have a variety of queries, many of which need to be urgently answered. The best people to answer these queries may be fellow pet parents with experience and expert professionals. Photographer and advertising professional Naresh Shetti, came up with a way to connect animal loving people.


On the 2nd of October, 2015, Naresh launched an app which he named the Tailians, for this very purpose. His partner was Mithun Raman, who was a former Amazon employee, a techie who developed the app. Tailians is crisply described on Facebook as, “Tailians is a platform for pet owners, animal lovers, experts and services to connect. It has many other features including SOS to help animals in distress.”


Elaborating further on the aim behind this app, Naresh says, “This app targets in bringing about equilibrium in the lives of humans and animals, to foster co-existence among them. As far as animals are concerned, we cover both pets and non-pets.” You needn’t have to have a pet to be a member of Tailians. Being an animal lover will suffice.

A lay person can conjecture why this app has been named Tailians. Naresh nevertheless elaborates, “If you’re from IIT, then you’re an IITian. If you’re a resident of India, you’re and Indian. The word ‘Tailians’ signifies a sense of responsibility for animals.


On Tailians, members may fill in the profiles of both themselves and also of their pets. One can create profiles of up to 20 pets.

The pet’s profile will include information like your pet’s name, the gender, date of birth, type of pet, breed, mini biography of the pet and a picture. You can invite your animal lover and pet parent friends to this app via phone contacts, email contacts and social media contacts.

The SOS section of Tailians enlists animal helplines in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Chennai. Among the helpline numbers are pet ambulances, crematoriums, help lines for stray animals, wildlife rescue and animal rescue organisations, wildlife poaching agencies, cattle helplines, veterinary hospitals, bird and snake rescuers etc. If an animal needs immediate help, you need to fill in the SOS section. You can search for emergencies around you by putting in the locality where the emergency has arisen, the emergency type (whether it’s a found, lost or injured pet), the pet type and the radius within which the animal is to be searched. You can register an SOS by filling in similar details. You can attach a picture of the animal in distress.

Naresh elaborates, “Maybe you’re driving and you see an animal across the road. Or you move into a new house and see a snake coiled up. Maybe you want to fly your dog to a foreign country and wish to know the procedure. You know not what to do. You can then get help through Tailians. Maybe you see an animal in distress but cannot stop over. You can take a picture of the animal and tag the location on the app and raise an SOS.” You may alert people around you in the case of a lost pet.

Naresh goes on to relate two instances wherein the SOS feature yielded help. “A lady named Sheila saw a new dog at a place she regularly visited. He was being bullied by other street dogs. She raised an SOS. Two locals and seasoned pet parents came over and put the dog in a comfortable position. A boy named Akshay, saw an injured dog, which was hit by a car. He raised an SOS. People came forward to help. They knew of rescue centres with ambulances. The dog received treatment but couldn’t pull through. At least he didn’t have to die on the road.”

You may register your business related to pets and animals on the app. The options available under this are veterinarian services, pet cafes, pet shops, spas for pets, real estate, NGO, online services etc.

The app currently has over 2,500 members. You can view their profiles and connect with them. There are groups on the app registered under heads like online, vet, store, spa, cafe, NGO, boarding, photographer etc. Some of these groups facilitate the adoption of pets. The app has a news and information section, the content of which is provided by pet experts.

For every registered user, Tailians donates Rs 10 for animal welfare causes. It recently donated Rs 5,000 to Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre. It also has a very informative Facebook and Twitter pages. The app, which is soaring in popularity, has been nominated by Pet Fed (India’s Biggest Pet Festival), for the Best Debut Award.

For more information on Tailians, visit their website here or contact the team at The app is currently available to animal lovers within India.

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