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Pets-ivities for the festive season: Engaging Toys Your Pets Will Love!

Posted on December 26, 2016: A recent survey says that 95% of Americans regularly buy Christmas gifts for their pets. Indian pet parents are also catching up in the same. The Internet is full of videos of pets excitedly ripping apart the colourful wrappings to uncover the wonderful surprises that are beneath them. The pet parent can be judicious while choosing a Christmas gift for his/ her furry baby. Just like we buy educational toys for our human kids, we can also purchase toys which will activate our pets’ neurons. Or it may be a cute and cuddly toy, the touch of which will bring comfort and solace to your pet. There are many other options as well.

Take advantage of the store-wide sales and indulge your pet with these Christmas gifts:

Interactive toys: Dogs like to play with smaller toys stuffed in a bigger toy, which they are to dislocate. Squeaky toys also interest the dog for hours at a length. Toys which bounce about make dogs jubilant. Puzzle toys, wherein treats are embedded, arouse the curiosity of the dog. They’re at it till they can extract the treats. For cats, you may place an online order for a battery operated mouse. Keep your camera handy, this toy may cause the animal to chase it all around the house! Or you may get a cat charmer wand which you may carry along with you as your feline buddy chases it.

Ball: The ball is an archetypal gift for pets, something that they’ll always enjoy. Chasing balls is after all the favourite pastime of a dog. Buy a brightly coloured ball as dogs don’t prefer balls with muted shades. Ensure that the ball is neither too large nor too small. Tennis balls generally suit dogs well. Cats like plastic balls with a bell, rattle balls, and ping pong balls.

Cat scratchers: Cats love to sharpen their claws. Various cat scratchers are available for that purpose. You may get for your cat a wall mounted cat scratch post, a cardboard cat scratcher, a lightweight sturdy scratch pad, cat scratch corner post which runs into two tiers etc. Small dogs also enjoy scratching posts.

Teething toys for puppies: For puppies who are teething, hard rubber toys, strong and thick rope toys work very well. The teething toys for puppies need to be durable and firm, so that they last for long. It shouldn’t be a toy which can break into pieces, and when ingested can be dangerous for the pet.

String toys for cats: These toys can be easily made at home. A piece of fabric of three feet or longer, with knots tied tightly at each end, which when simply twitched will be a delight for cats. For kittens simply the tie from a bathrobe will work wonders. Cats and kittens will love to play with shoelaces as well.

Cardboard boxes: Cats and rabbits love cardboard boxes. Carving in doors and windows into the cardboard boxes will increase the entertainment factor for them. From the top of the boxes hang some toys and keep some toys inside the box.

Warm clothes and rugs: If you live in the northern hemisphere, then it's winter when Christmas is on. Pets often die of the cold. You may buy warm blankets, rugs and coats to keep your pet warm. To add the flavour of Christmas, you may get a Santa coat for your dog.

Christmas treats: You may get goodies and savouries for your pet dog from a pet bakery. You may also check out recipes of Christmas goodies for pets from the internet and bake them at home. Let your dog drool on cakes, cookies and biscuits. Cats, however, can’t detect the sweet taste with their taste buds. Neither is it recommended to feed cats sweets.

Don’t forget the underprivileged animals. You may donate toys to a shelter home for strays. You may feed stray dogs a wholesome nutritious meal and treats as well. After all, all pets deserve love, no matter what their backgrounds, they’ll love to play with toys and enjoy a mouth-watering meal any day.

Wishing you, your pets and all the amazing animals of the world, a very Merry Christmas and a 'pawsome' New Year!



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