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Activ4Pets: All-in-One Pet Health App Launches in India

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Posted on December 18, 2016: Keeping our companion animals healthy is more than a matter of giving them good food and plenty of exercise. Regardless of how well you care for your pet, they are bound to get sick at some point in their lives. When our pets get sick, it can be a stressful time. Not only are we overcome with concern for our animals, but also have to keep tabs on prescriptions, X-rays, diagnostic reports and bills.

A new app and web service, recently launched in India, promises to help ease this stress by combining three powerful services – Pet Health Records, e-consultation, and second medical opinion from a panel of veterinarians - into one easy-to-use online application. Activ4Pets is a web and mobile platform acts as a drop box for your pets’ medical records and gives you access to a panel of veterinarians who’ve partnered with the service. “We are working with couple of renowned veterinarians across India who are currently involved in providing Virtual Consultations and Vet on Call services,” explains Hemant Kumar, Marketing Manager at Activ4Pets, “We are in conversation with a few reputed vet hospitals in Mumbai/Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad to facilitate admissions if required and shall have them onboard soon.”

“Our Partners include practicing veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, pet stores, pet health services providers and medical suppliers and shall soon include specialized information on pet boarding, pet vacation homes, trainers, groomers, etc. to enable service delivery across the entire spectrum for pet parents in India.”

How it works

“Pet parents can subscribe to our service online through our website,” says Hemant, “This is a yearly subscription which provides access to all services within the Activ4Pets platform – including storage and sharing of pet health records, information on vets, tips, other pet related services, etc. We have an introductory offer of Rs. 149 per year for 2 pets. Post registration, users will receive a welcome email with login credentials to access their account. Activ4Pets also has a mobile app in the works currently available on both the iOS and Android app stores.”

He goes on to elaborate on the functionalities of the app, “All A4P members can store and access their pet’s health record handy on their mobile and also request tele-consultations, vet on call or video consultations. We also provide an option to request a second medical opinion from our panel of veterinarians.”

Future Plans

In the future, you can expect to access an international panel of vets on Activ4Pets, among other things. “Moving forward, we plan to have more vets on board and probably include an option to request advice/consults from our global panel of veterinarians,” says Hemant, “We shall soon be implementing a scheduling system for online as well as offline vet consultations, training and grooming sessions with our partner vet hospitals, practicing vets, trainers, groomers, etc – wherein the consultations shall take place either online or offline at a scheduled time and the pets reports shall automatically be integrated onto the Activ4Pets platform.”

For more information, visit the Activ4Pets website here and on Facebook here.

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