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Gingertail Reads: Practical, Illustrated Guide on Being Good Friends with (Wo)man’s Best Friend

Posted on November 26, 2016: How often is it that you come across a guide book on being best friends with man’s best friend that is honest, simple and written from a laywoman’s perspective? India Knight, British author and journalist, grew up with the dogs who lived at her estranged father’s house but didn’t really have dogs of her own till she met Brodie – “I am crazed with love for him. He is my favourite person-that-isn’t-actually-a-person. It’s like a joke, how much I love him. I think about him all the time. On the rare instances where I’m away from him, I pine and look at photographs of him on my phone…”

India writes about her findings and experience with finding yourself the perfect canine companion and the way through to training, feeding and caring for your dog. She writes with her characteristic wit and seamlessly combines anecdotes with animal psychology to reveal a compelling narrative on dogs. Penguin call is ‘a celebration of happy dogs and the happy people who live with them’.

There’s also essential how-to that India is well-known for having written many cook books and beauty and lifestyle advice columns. She believes that raw diets are healthy for a dog’s digestion and general health and offers a well-researched account on how to integrate raw diets into your life.

The book also features beautiful, whimsical illustrations by celebrated illustrator Sally Muir and perfectly complements India’s writing style. This is the perfect Christmas present for any dog lover!

The Goodness of Dogs: The Human’s Guide to Choosing, Buying, Training, Feeding, Living With and Caring for Your Dog by India Knight, Hardback for Rs 675; available on Amazon.

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