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Art gallery in Chennai specialises in portraits of your pet

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Posted on November 18, 2016: Our pets are our family members. With this in mind, K Senthil Ram of Chennai, who owns an art gallery, came up with a brilliant idea. This initiative was born out of his love for pets, as well as, his passion for art. Splatter Studio, his pet studio, started offering portraits of pets. This venture started two and a half months ago. A portion of the proceeds is donated to animal friendly charities.

“A good pet sketch or art is one which can connect to its owner the way he/she sees his/her pet. It should capture the pet in all his/ her mischievous best,” Senthil told the Times of India.

We all like looking on fondly at the pictures of family members who are now no more. There’s a significant demand for the portrait of deceased pets. Senthil too has lost his pet dogs, so he can empathise with all grieving pet parents who feel nicer on gazing at the pictures of their bygone pets.

Pet parents can order custom pet portraits with various options available such as caricature, custom portrait, pencil sketch or illustration. Pet parents will need to hand over a photograph of their pet. A pencil sketch costs Rs 500 and a 2 feet by 2 feet portrait costs Rs 5000. The rate can differ as per size of the portrait and other parameters.

 When asked which kind of pet art work is most in demand, Senthil says, “Generally pencil sketches are in most demand for the simple reason that it is less time consuming and relatively cheaper to other art. Next in line would be pet portraits like acrylic, oil or water colours on canvas followed by caricatures and illustrations. On an average we get anywhere between 10-15 requests for pet art.”

Talented artists paint or sketch adorable pictures of pets. Speaking on the expertise of the artistes, Senthil says, “Any and all artists involved with us are specialists in fine art. However a few individual artists like Amirthalingam, Prem, Narain and Robin are more inclined in pet art and hence capture the nitty gritties of the artwork. They all have completed their bachelors in fine art.”

Senthil is happy with the clients’ response on the pet art work. He says, “The feedback is generally overwhelming. People are very excited and overjoyed by the fact that they have a portrait/sketch of their pet. The pet parents are very happy as it has an emotional connect which in turn translates to wonderful praises for us.” 

When asked by the future plans of his studio, Senthil told the daily, “Splatter Studio is an art gallery/ art studio which is predominantly aimed at supporting lesser known talents around the country and taking affordable art to everyone. In view of that we have started our website with an online arts and crafts gallery. Also we have a lot of art related activities like custom wall murals, installations, art classes, workshops etc.”

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