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Puppy Presents: Three paw-some monthly doggy gift boxes to try today!

Posted on October 19, 2016: Those of us who are regular online shoppers (and I would imagine ALL of us are), know this feeling all too well. A few days of excited anticipation, hearing the doorbell ring and finally(!) having that beautiful brown box of Internet-peddled goodies, from books to shoes, perfumes to auto parts. Nothing beats the feeling of opening up that box and partaking of the treasures inside. Being an avid e-commerce aficionado for a good part of the past decade, I still haven’t gotten over that feeling.

Now, what if I told you that - you can share this beautiful consumerist guilty pleasure with your dog! You and your best friend can tear into an immaculately wrapped box of goodies – toys, treats and apparel – meant exclusively for your paw prince or princess.

We at Gingertail found three popular online services that deliver doggy gift boxes for a monthly subscription fee to your home. The general procedure involves you selecting your dog’s age, size, personality, and breed. Then you decide how much you want to spend – packages range from Rs 1,250/month to Rs 13,500/month. Finally, you confirm your order and get a box or boxes, depending on your subscription package, delivered to your doorstep. Here’s the low down:

Wagbox by Head’s Up for Tails

You fill up a questionnaire about your dog and his/her needs. Their team goes searching in the warehouse and send you the box on the 15th and 30th of each month.

What’s in the box?

“The Wag Box is all about a heady mixture of surprises, happiness, personal care, treats and love.”

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How much does it cost?

Depending on the size and needs of your dog, you can get: One box per month for Rs 1,999. Three boxes for 3 months for Rs 4,999 and 6 boxes for 6 months for Rs 9,999. You can add an extra premium toy for Rs 500 per box. Free shipping for orders over Rs 2,000.

What do other wag boxers have to say?

“Thank you for the lovely wag boxes! Bella and Sophie absolutely loved it ! Sending some pictures! Love, Keya”

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For more information, visit their website here and on Facebook here.


What we like about these guys is that they have custom boxes for puppies and get this, they also do a 1-month subscription box for cats called the MeowBox!

What in the box?

“A box consists of treats, gadgets, and toys will be your way of expressing your love for your canine.”

More information

How much does it cost?

Depending on your dog and his/her needs, you can choose a subscription package from 1month for Rs 1,500 or a 12-month subscription for R 13,500.

What do other Woof Boxers say?

“My Scruffy (Shih-Tzu dog) was never too fond of toys except the balls. But this Crab-shaped toy is his favorite now. Woofbox came with a surprise for him n me both. It had 6 items that included 2 toys, shampoo, tick-repellant collar, soft chew duck treats and most important stuff- 'Tear Stain Cleaner'. Shih-Tzus generally have watery eyes, hence reddish stains. The red-colour is due to breeding of red-yeast. I am happy to finally find a solution delivered right at my doorstep.Recommend Woofbox to all pet-owners.” – Ms. Lakhanpal

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For more information, visit their website here and on Facebook here.


What we like about these guys is that they claim to give Rs 10 from each dogbox to helping stray dogs lead better lives.

What’s in the box?

“… a periodic subscription box that is loaded with treats, gadgets, toys and fun”

More information

How much does it cost?

You can get 12 month subscription for Rs 1,250/DogBox; a 6 month subscription for Rs 1,400/DogBox and 1 month subscription for Rs 1,550/DogBox. They offer free shipping on each plan.

What to other Dog Boxers say?

“Dogbox is truly a box of treasure. Keeping in mind the quality of service they render, they are leading in the race of becoming a leading company that provides subscription box for dogs in India. The team puts in a lot of effort to make sure that your dog receives the box in the said duration of time.” – Piddu the pug, Mumbai

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For more information, visit their website here and on Facebook here.

Try one or all of these doggy gift boxes and let us know in the Comments below what you think!

Photograph courtesy Head's Up for Tails on Facebook.

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