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Chandigarh creates an online medical database for pets

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Posted on August 22, 2016: Pets are as much as a part of the family as humans are. That’s why they need to be on the par with human family members as far as pet care is concerned. The pet health care industry is transforming to attain the same. Online medical reports nowadays are not available for human patients alone. Indeed, your pet is now being rightfully entitled to the same facility. The Government-run Pet Clinic in Sector 22 in Chandigarh has introduced unique identification number (UIN) for pets.


Each and every pet visiting this only government pet clinic of the city, is meted out with a UIN, when the pet is registered. The data base of your dog will be updated on the following factors: name, age, diseases, medical history and prescriptions. Once all that data has been stored, all of it will surface at the click of a button on subsequent visits. No longer, will you have to store the medical history of your dog in voluminous files. Dr Kanwarjit Singh, Joint Director, Department of Animal Husbandry and head of Pet Clinic, told TOI that online documentation was inaugurated as Chandigarh is a city of pet lovers. He has noticed that 120 to 140 dogs are treated at the clinic on a daily basis, with the number climbing up to 180 during times when the weather is adverse.

Future Plans

Chandigarh has a dog population of reportedly 18,000. 8,000 of them are strays and 10,000 of them are pets. Dr Kanwarjit Singh has revealed that he’s planning a diagnostic centre for pets having the facility to conduct all kinds of medical tests. This centre is to be available at the government pet clinic. He has sent this proposal for due approval. Currently, they refer all the ailing pets in need of medical tests to Mohali or Panchkula. Online appointments for dog patients may commence in future. This will, however, start off when canine patients increase.

Pros and cons

Worldwide, online data regarding your pet’s health, has myriad benefits. Reminders of vaccinations and doctor’s appointments are automatically sent out to pet parents. Anywhere in the world that travel to and any vet you visit, your pet’s medical history, is just a mouse click away, provided you have net connection. The only downside is that if the internet connectivity is poor, the plethora of medical history which is so easy to retrieve otherwise, may be completely inaccessible at the time of dire need. So, for safety’s sake, maybe you could keep a backup of the information as well. In places where internet connectivity is unfaltering, this service is indeed a boon.



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