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A boon for the local dog population: Animal Birth Control centre opens in Kedarpuram

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Posted on August 21, 2016: With such a large population in India’s cities, urban waste is growing pile of policy flaws. Some love stray dogs, some sympathize, while some ill-treat them. But how many people really think of helping them out? To rescue such a policy flaw situation in Dehradun, an Animal Birth Control centre was reportedly inaugurated at Kedarpuram on 20th August 2016 by Union Woman and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi. The centre is designed such that it will have 72 kennels for dogs treatments, vaccinations and even housing. And more importantly, this centre is also open to adopting stray dogs post surgery. More such centres are in the pipeline for Nainital and Mussoorie.

In a country where stray dogs are killed to this day, despite it being against the law, this is a welcome move.

Dr V Sati, senior veterinary officer at the Dehradun Nagar Nigam told the gathered media that the Centre was ging to be very beneficial since there will be less littering and the dogs will be well taken care of by the trained staff at the centre. Even the local residents who are willing to adopt a stray dog can go ahead for pet adoption post their surgery and vaccination.

Although, the facilities are currently provided only to stray dogs, the proposal for a hospital providing the same treatment for pet dogs at reasonable charges is also in the pipeline, informs Sati.

If the reports are to be believed then this project took almost a year to fall into place and has costed about 1.5 crore. In the long run, the centre will be funded jointly by Nagar Nigam, state and the central governments. 

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