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Exclusive pet vacation: This is every dog parents’ dream come true…

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Posted on August 3, 2016: As you pack for that much-looked-forward-to break from the busy schedule and crowded streets of the city, there’s another break that you are NOT looking forward to. That break in your heart when you have to turn your back on those sad, pleading eyes as you leave the dog boarding kennel or the whimpering that follows you once you leave your beloved dog with the pet sitter…

Why does it have to be so hard to take a break well-deserved break? Why does it always come with a generous helping of guilt about leaving that pooch of your heart with strangers while you get some much-needed R&R?

Not anymore!

MakeMyTrip, India’s leading online travel company and Pet Fed, India’s biggest pet festival recently collaborated to turn this tug in your heart into sheer excitement as they organized a pet holiday to Rishikesh. On 25th June, two luxury buses, fully equipped with necessary medical pet fedsupplies and a vet took 25 happy humans and 12 excited dogs for an overnight trip to the beautiful valley of Rishikesh. The excited pet parents arrived at the pick-up point early morning and enthusiastically participated in games throughout the journey. Once in Rishikesh, they started with a beautiful nature walk while their dogs tugged at them by their leashes. On the bright and sunny Sunday morning, everyone went for a dip in the Ganges and carefully taught their fur babies how to swim with the help of an expert dog behaviourist.

Pooja, who travelled with Oscar, her Golden Retriever, says, “For us they are not just pets, they are our babies and MakeMyTrip and Pet Fed treated them exactly that way! We couldn't go out for a vacation leaving him behind. Never had the heart to do that ever. Thus we were the happiest when a trip was organised with our cute fur balls! Thank you so much for making this possible and giving us some incredible moments and a much-needed break without the worry.”

Tanvi, who travelled with her Pug, Amigo, says, “The best part was having like-minded people with you. It didn't matter whose pooch you had or who had yours. The comfort and the bonds that were made over this trip just cannot be broken.”


Another opportunity

And if you, like many of us missed out on the Rishikesh trip, don’t despair. PetFed has organised another trip to Mussoorie for Delhi dog parents to join in on August 26 to August 28, 2016. Escape the heat and humidity of the capital with your fur baby on PetFed’s Bring Your Own Dog Getaway.

For more details on BYOD and PetFed visit their website here and on Facebook here.

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