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Wanna find out if your cat can hold his drink?

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Parents are advised not to drink in front of their kids to set an example. After all, kids are to strictly steer clear from hard drinks till they reach the legal age for drinking. Rules applicable for your human child are often relevant for pet children as well. Interestingly though, there’s now wine made especially for cats! In near future, the Denver company which has launched cat wine are planning to launch a wine for dogs as well. Of late, the Jimmy Fallon show endorsed a wine for cats and dogs created by a pet food proprietor in Denver Colorado. Their claim, however, is that this wine in non-alcoholic.

Red and white

Brandon Zavala, who is the CEO of Apollo Peak (the company is named after his older cat Apollo), is the brains behind this wine. Like for humans, this wine comes in the varieties of white and red. The red variety is composed of water and catnip. The white wine is laced with golden beets; the red tinge comes from the red beetroots added to them.

According to Brandon, who hails from the pet food industry, this product is more like a tea for cats, but as its appearance resembles wine, it’s been bestowed the wine label. This beverage is purposely to give the feeling to wine lovers that one is sipping a glass of wine along with his/ her pet. These wines are cleverly named Pinot Meow and MosCATo.

Influence on cats

This wine is apparently a solution to the pet cat with discerning tastes who whiffs away feline-oriented food but gulps down a delicious meal meant for humans instead. This wine is promised to be so tantalising to a cat’s taste buds that he/ she will quickly lick it up. Brandon excitedly shares how the trials of the product, were immensely positive. He avers that some cats went crazy over the drink and some perched themselves beside the glass like wine lovers who keep the drink by their side and gradually sip on it. Some cats, however, rejected the drink.

The sale of these wines started off in a sluggish way in November 2015. Recently, mammoth media coverage propelled the sales of these wines into the forefront. Purchase of these wines is just a mouse click away. Brisk online sales of this product are ongoing. Brandon is elated that this wine has now become a household name and thanks the widespread media coverage for this.

There are pet parents who are expressing online elation over this wine. Many of them have posted videos of their cats on social media, acting in an inebriated manner, after drinking this wine. Catnip is an essential ingredient of this wine. When consumed, catnip is to make cats extremely mellow. On smelling catnip, cats are known to go ecstatic as it bedazzles the brain. ‘Happy’ pheromones in the brain suddenly increase. The cat is known to react by twisting and rolling on the ground, rubbing his/ her face against it and drooling all over. Some, hold on to the theory, that catnip helps to relieve stress and nervousness in cats.

There are articles on this wine, which aver that this product is absolutely safe, despite the videos of cats acting intoxicated. It has also been touted as being a perfect birthday gift for cats.

Wine for kittens

Interestingly, now wine is being launched for kittens as well by another company. This drink will be called White Kittendel, using valerian instead of catnip. Valerian is known to have a sedative effect in humans. In cats, they infuse energy, to the extent that they can even get high. Also, exists the theory that valerian can calm stressed cats.

As of now, a huge market for these wines has not been created in India. Being alcohol-free, they may be imported under the food category in our country. It is likely to attract low import duties. Before long, wine for dogs is likely to become a global rage as well. If that happens, would getting drunk with your pet babies, be a common phenomenon in many a household? Tell us what you think!

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