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TV has gone to the dogs! Literally, they have their own remote now

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Posted on July 14, 2016: Now, we all feel like our furry companion is the most important person in the house. We buy them treats, we take them out for walks, we even clean their poops and messes without question or complaint. But what if your dog comes between you and your TV? Will you be okay with your dog having his/her own television remote?

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British dog food brand Wagg teamed up with a researcher UK’s University of Central Lancashire to develop a one-of-a-kind paw-powered television remote for dogs. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas specialises in animal-interaction technology or ACID - Animal Computer Interaction Design. “Animal Computer Interaction (ACI) is research focusing on the design, theory, implementation and all round use of machines for animals, particularly on the interface and how the animal can interact. This can be done by both observing the way animals use computers and designing computer machinery especially for animals to interact with,” explains the website in case you were wondering.

So these guys have reportedly developed a doggy-powered remote, complete with large blue and yellow buttons, waterproof plastic design and a hole on one side in case you decide to convert it into a squeaky toy instead.

The device is only a prototype so far, but if you can envision the days when you and the dog are being couch potatoes together and you’re feeling too lazy to change the channel, maybe the dog can lend you a paw some time in the future.

“Our research aims to progress dog computer interaction to empower dogs to not only use technology without training but also facilitate their input of opinions upon into the technology system and help within its design. This will make improved dog computer interaction through usable and efficient technology, whilst including the dog within the design process. This leads to our overarching goal improving dog’s welfare whilst learning about their cognition,” ACID explains.

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