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Posted on June 15, 2016: You may feel that pets in shelter homes are safe and secure, but in certain countries such as Australia and the US, pets who don’t find a loving home are euthanised as they want to prevent over-crowding at their centres. A reason for these cute pets not finding a home is that prospective pet parents don’t know that they are up for adoption. The reality is that pounds and shelter homes compete with one another so that their rescued animals garner the eyeballs of caring families who’d like to adopt them.


To enable pet parents to get to know about the adorable pets up for adoption in Australia, philanthropists created the website This website aims at not only finding a permanent home for dogs and cats but for a wide variety of pets like hamsters, horses and pigs as well. This website had a very modest start 12 years ago. The founders initially thought that if they could even help one animal find a loving pet parent through it, it would be worth the effort.   


Through this website thousands of animals have found an affectionate home. They support more than 790 rescue organisations. The secret of this website’s success is that it’s made pet adoption in Australia simply a mouse click away. This portal makes the cumbersome process of adoption a lot easier and quicker by eliminating many redundant steps by making it simpler for shelter home volunteers to match potential adopters with pets. It saves resources from the interview to the payment stage for animal rescue organisations which are usually strapped for cash. And all this costs these organisations absolutely nothing.

Registration is easy and simple. The online process helps to do away with bulky paperwork. The contracts, applications, payments and volunteers are all in one place; which is the


Every pet which is put up for adoption has a profile. Each profile describes the pet’s behaviour, personality and the kind of home he/ she is suitable for. Prospective pet parents can register their applications. Volunteers and shelter homes can control these profiles. The user has the liberty to find the pet which will suit his/ her lifestyle; whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit or a guinea pig.

The makers of the website know well that pets must be matched with pet parents who are apt for them and this can be no guessing game. That’s why the entire adoption process can’t be done entirely online. The prospective pet parents need to go over to the pet foster care to spend quality time with the pet and in the process to find out how they’ll behave in a home environment and ascertain their compatibility as pet children and pet parents.

The website aims to create connections between people and animals. Ideal connections will save one life and enrich another’s life. The result thereof is expected to create lasting memories in the lives of pet lovers in Australia. The more people use this website, the less will innocent pets be put to sleep at shelter homes. Or worse…

For more information, visit the Adopets website. Follow them on Facebook.

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