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Youth group set on making stray dog adoption the next big thing

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Posted on May 31, 2016: They’ve harnessed the fame of celebrities, they’ve launched a successful event supporting stray dog adoption and they’re all within the 18-21 age group. It isn’t without reason then, that the youth is considered the future of our country. More and more young people are taking matters into their own hands, they seldom wait for systems to fall in place and more often than not, employ their skills, enthusiasm and innovative thinking to develop solutions and put plans into action.

Introducing one such brand of young boys and girls. The Saya Group consists of a group of students and friends from Mumbai – Sunita Ram Shahani, Yash Ram Shahani, Candy Pathak, Sakshi Singhal, Dhwanika Jajal, Priyanka Thakkar, and Jeet Singh. And they’ve struck upon a star-studded idea to improve the rate of stray dog adoptions in India and garner much-needed support for animal welfare.

“Adoptazione is a youth initiative social cause event that follows a unique tri-agenda theory,” explains chairperson and founder Yash Ram Shahani, “First, adoption and rehabilitation of young, healthy and wholly vaccinated indie puppies and kittens. Secondly, providing the pets at the venue and the animal lovers with the best, most fun-filled and enjoyable day of their lives also inculcating a friendly, gentle and stronger bond between humans and stray animals. Thirdly, extensively promoting the cause of stray adoptions with the help of media, celebrities and other well-known personnel. This event would also consist of a few entertainment based sub-events for the audience and our furry friends.”

While the dates and venue for Adoptazione this year have yet to be released, it was inaugurated last year by Evelyn Sharma and Mimoh Chakraborty. “Adoptazione is an effort from our end to help the best friends of mankind, to truly be treated as our best friend. We would need the entire society to join hands with us for this project to make it successful and help these innocent and loving living beings,” says Yash.

Adoptazione event

On May 24, Saya Group relaunched Adoptazione in an event that was supported by Bollywood actors and celebrities. At the event, they released a song ‘Adoptazione – I need a home’, composed and performed by Shruti Solanki and Sandeep Chatterjee. They also released a trailer to the event which features support from John Abraham, Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, and other Bollywood and small screen personalities.

Watch this space for more, as details emerge about Adoptazione.

This is one group of young ones we’ll be keeping our keen eye on!

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