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Spoof Woof: Palm Dog at Cannes goes to late canine star in Jarmusch’s Paterson

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Posted on May 23, 2016: It was a glittering ceremony with the biggest stars sniffing each other’s bottoms. Nope, Hollywood hasn’t gone rogue. This is an awards ceremony recognising the best talents among our favourite kind of actors – canine stars. Back in 2001, Toby Rose, a British journalist, pondered – why shouldn’t there be an awards ceremony as star-studded and glitzy as the famed Cannes Film Festival, recognising the talent and glamour of (real or animated) dogs in film?

Hence, the Palm Dog, an annual alternative award part of the presentation at the Cannes Film Festival, was born. The actual award is a leather collar, marked Palm Dog, named along the lines of the festival’s top prize the Palm d’Or.

The winner is…

In 2016, the Palm Dog went to Nellie, a female bulldog who played a transgender role in Indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch’s drama Paterson. Nellie, unfortunately, died a few months ago of unknown reasons. She was a rescue dog and was sorely missed at the awards presentation.

The Jury award this year went to Dalmatian Jacque from the film In Bed with Victoria, while the Dogmantarian award was bagged by Ken Loach.

Here’s Nellie in action

Past winners

Winners in the past have included the entire pack of strays from the Indonesian film Mid Road Gang (2007) and all 200+ dog cast of Hungarian film White God (2014).

Check out the official Palm Dog website, for more.

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