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Wearable tech makes finding your missing pet easier and more effective

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Posted on April 18, 2016: Those amongst us who’ve experienced the agony of having a pet go missing would be able to tell us that that is one of the worst things to happen to a pet parent. When a beloved animal companion cannot find his/her way back home and goes missing from our lives, we feel lost ourselves…

Tractive GPS tracking device for petsThankfully, we live in a technology-driven, app-powered, digital solutions sort-of world.

Mumbai-based pet products company Oliver Pet Care has brought to India a lightweight, GPS cat GPS trackertracking device for pets called the Tractive pet GPS tracker, developed by a team in Austria. Always know where your pet has been with the Last Known Location tracker on the device. It comes with an attachable pouch which could fit most dog collars. At 35 grams, Tractive is lightweight and can be fitted to a cat collar too! It is recommended for pets that weigh at least 4.5kgs or over.


You can demarcate a safe zone for your pet and be notified on your nominated device when the animal strays out of that zone.Oliver pet care solutions

For an additional fee, you can enable live tracking of your pet onto your tablet, PC or smartphone.

Other features include a nightlight to help find pets in the dark or when out for walks at night; and a wash and waterproof body.

What’s more? It’s on sale! Go check out the interesting innovation in wearable technology for your pets, and let us know what you think in the Comments below.

Photographs courtesy Oliver Pet care Solutions.

For more information on Tractive devices and Oliver Pet Care Solutions, visit their website here and on Facebook here.

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