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BBMP looking to restrict the number of pet dogs in Bengaluru homes

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Posted on February 23, 2016: While India ranks 7th amongst the top ten countries with most pet dog population and there are around two lakh pet dogs in Bangalore city, the city’s municipal corporation is viewing this as a problem.

Aiming to control the dog population, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has proposed a "one dog per flat" and “three dogs per house” restriction. It is being reported that the BBMP strategy is to regulate the number of pet dogs in residential areas to help reduce the daily tension between flat owners, building associations and pet parents in many cities. They are also reportedly looking to crackdown on the illegal dog breeding operations in the city with these proposed restrictions.

Unclear terms

While this may disappoint a lot of pet lovers, the BBMP feels that this rule will not only regulate the number of dogs in the city but it will also allow pet parents to have a dog in apartments.

Surprisingly, this ‘one dog per household’ rule was mooted by the civic agency six years ago, but the proposal is only now being given a serious push! But what happens to the pet parents who already live in a flat and own more than one dog? Will they be taken away from them? Or will they have to move into a house to own up to three pet dogs? These integral parts of the rule are still unclear.

As per the regulation, all dog parents will have to get a license from the BBMP's veterinary officer which is chargeable for INR 250. And this license needs to be renewed every year. Also, the pet parents will have to allow the BBMP's vet/government officers to inspect their premises as and when required.

What also not clear is if BBMP’s one dog rule will help or hinder dog ownership. Do you think the implementation of this rule will dent the multi-crore dog-breeding business apart from disappointing the passionate dog lovers who wanted to add canine friends to their families?

Is BBMP shirking responsibility (by building pet parks in residential areas and making the pet licensing process easier on the pet parents) or strengthening laws? We're unclear. Anyone?

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