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Pet-only parks with attached food courts for dogs in the offing for Lucknow

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Posted on February 10, 2016: Taking cognisance of the fact that a growing number of families live in apartments with pets, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) is proposing a slew of measures to the cater to this emerging demographic.   

Under the Smart Cities Plan of the Modi government, the Veterinary Department of the LMC is looking to setup pet-only parks in residential colonies. Additionally, for apartment dwellers, there will be dedicated paths designed for walking dogs in the apartment complex, as well as, designated ‘poop corners’ to keep both residents and dogs happy and mess-free.

Puppy Food Court

In a latest update, the Times of India reported last month that the pet-friendly upgrades of the LMC also include a food court for dogs at these pet-only parks. Serving both packaged and fresh food, stalls at the food courts will be run by pet food manufacturers. The LMC is proposing to approach dog food manufacturing companies to take up this innovative venture. “A food court will be a must for all dog parks so that people don't have to go elsewhere to feed their pets,” LMC’s veterinary officer Arvind Kumar Rao told the national daily.

The first phase of pet-only parks and food courts are slated to come up in Gomti Nagar and Niralanagar. The proposal will be reviewed at the upcoming House meeting scheduled for February.

Pet concerns

The LMC figures indicate that there are approximately 5,000 pet dogs in the city. Contrasted to the crackdown on unlicensed pet dogs that the LMC undertook last year, this new move is a welcome relief for pet parents and their beloved dogs alike. Registering dogs with LMC will help them better improve infrastructure and services for pet dogs in the city. Once the LMC is aware of the number of dogs in the city, they will be in a better position to provide for them.

So, in case you haven’t done so already, do register your pets today! Get involved in the discussion about how to move Lucknow towards becoming a Smart City here. View the Draft Smart City Proposal for Lucknow here.

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