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Posted on March 16, 2016: Deputy Mayor of Mumbai Alka Kerkar has reportedly raised a sensitive issue of the rising number of cats in the city. And to control the...

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Posted on March 15, 2016: For ardent pet parents in Argentina and dedicated dog travellers from around the world, the Mar del Plata dog beach is heaven on earth. Born out of a clever reading of local law, back in December 2014, the Yes! Playa Canina is a dedicated pet-friendly resort on the...

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Posted on March 12, 2016: It is not uncommon for people to do crazy things for the love of their pets. We’ve all heard of the kind soul in Thane who gave up his own life to save...

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Posted on March 11, 2016: In a very welcome order on March 9, the Supreme Court of India held that the local authorities of all states are to carry out the sterilisation and vaccination of stray dogs, as per the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules.

According to these Rules, the municipal...

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Posted on March 11, 2016: Pibborafi, a Toronto-based company started out as Wugadogs in 2011 and made a big name for themselves by contributing and helping at animal rescue homes and funding them through auctions. They also donated plush...

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Posted on March 7, 2016: Army dogs have walked alongside India’s brave jawans and police officers for decades, thereby proving their bravery over and over again. Be it anti-drugs project, rescue missions or anti-Naxal operations they have excelled in their prowess. The dog force of our...

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Posted on March 4, 2016: My daily routine is to wake up early morning, take my dog for a jog besides jogging myself, return home, get ready and leave for work. While I went for a jog, recently, I saw a few dogs wearing a yellow belt around their necks. Even my dog happened to notice that! Now...

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Posted on March 2, 2016: “A dog is a man’s best friend.”We grew up listening to this phrase and not once has it been proved wrong. While we understand a dog’s loyalty towards humans, what about our generosity and honesty towards them? Have we been equally involved in the dog-man relationship? C’...

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Posted on March 1, 2016: The greatest phobia that Indians have regarding dogs is that they may bite, and once they do, the victim will surely die of rabies. Not all dogs bite, nor do all of them have rabies. This irrational fear is somewhat mitigated by the fact that there’s a vaccine for rabies...

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Posted on February 29, 2016: Often we see celebrities using their status to talk about different issues in our society and reach out to people. Some celebrities encourage you to lose weight; some tell you to follow your dreams while some celebrities like Mahendra Singh Dhoni adopt a stray dog...

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