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Posted on 29th Jan, 2015: Losing a pet is always a traumatic experience, but how would you react if your pet came back from the dead? This is exactly what happened when Bart, a black and white cat in Florida, who was run over by a car, mysteriously returned from the dead five days...

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Posted on 29th Jan, 2015: It’s no secret that responsible pet parenting is an important prerequisite to building a pet friendly community – something which Gingertail also advocates strongly...

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Posted on 28th Jan, 2015: Life at times play a cruel joke and one is left with one option but to be a bystander and watch things unfold in spite of best of one’s best efforts. Something similar played out in case of Bela – the 9 year old German shepherd who was willed to be euthanized...

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Posted on 27th Jan, 2015: Terminal Cancer. Two words are enough to wreak havoc in your life. The pain of injecting chemotherapy and other malicious drugs to your pet pooch can only made you sadder. A dog lover and pet parent has showed us a new path to live the last days with our furry friends....

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Posted on 26th Jan, 2015: A recent study conducted by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley and published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, found that parents who...

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Posted on 24th Jan, 2014: Couple of months ago we ran a story on Bela - a 9 year old heathy German Shepherd who had been willed by his dead human...

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Posted on 22nd Jan, 2014: In a first of its kind attempt – New York’s JFK airport will get an animal-only terminal early next year to ease the travelling worries of both animals and their parents/owners. The facility which will be spread over 178,000-square foot area  and...

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Pet owners and animal lovers in Bangalore can now perform the last rites of their beloved pet friends at the new crematorium in the city. Started in July 2013, the work for the first ever pet crematorium in Bangalore will finally complete next month. The mammoth task has been undertaken by the...

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Posted on 20th Jan, 2015: Mumbai city was abuzz with the mega event held last week. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is one of the biggest events of the city. But thanks to Vitoo or Ekanksh (fondly called by residents), humans were not the only ones who participated in this event.


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Posted on 17th Jan, 2015: At Gingertail it is our constant endeavor to highlight how by adopting strays we not only help an animal in need but we also win a friend who won’t even hesitate to lay his own life for us. One such story was that of Masha who...

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