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Posted on 7th Apr, 2015: Ask any pet parent in India and they would acknowledge that travelling with pets can be a big hassle be it by train, where you can only take your dog in a first class coupe, or airplane where only small animals are allowed in the cabin at the Captain’s discretion while...

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Posted on 1st Apr, 2015: Gingertail recently carried an article on how animals feel and mourn the loss of their loved ones and this includes not only their own kind about also friends and mates from...

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Posted on 26th Mar, 2015: Don’t worry. Humanity is not under attack by a giant Kat Kong looking to destroy our cities and take over as our rightful overlords. Though as a die-hard cat person, I don’t see that as such a bad fate. I’m a cat slave anyway, why not be ruled by one that is mutated...

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Posted on 25th Mar, 2015: The extent of the kindness, as well as, the cruelty expressed by human beings never ceases to amaze me.

While someone in the Canadian town of Regina left a sad, but strong, black and white cat to die a painful, slow death by binding his legs in electric tape to...

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Posted on 24th Mar, 2015: He was known by different names to the many people who knew him in Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri, Mumbai. Motti, or Motu as he was known by a different group of residents of the apartment buildings in the area, was the unofficial guard dog of over four housing societies...

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Posted on 18th March, 2015: Japan has a history of natural calamities and disasters. Its people have developed the resilient spirit to rebuild their lives, regardless of the scale of despair and destruction. Tough times lead to superhuman feats, but...

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Posted on 17th March, 2015: A new research done jointly by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow demonstrates that classical music helps dogs calm down. The research involved testing two groups of...

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Posted on 16th Mar, 2015: As the who’s-who of the canine show business toasted the 124th anniversary of the most famous dog show in the world, the shroud of controversy could hardly be ignored. Two dogs reportedly murdered and the owner of the Best in Show winner being hounded by the...

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Posted on 10th March, 2015: From a strict no-elevator policy to at times even a blanket ban on tenants who have pets – pet parents have to fight many a battles in order to survive in our housing societies. The same goes for those animal lovers who care for strays and provide them food and water...

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Posted on 3rd Mar, 2015: Call it insane, weird or brave the Animal Husbandry, Horticulture and Food Processing Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Kusum Mehdele, has sent a shocking suggestion to the state Forest Minister Gaurishankar Shejwar pleading the state to allow domestication of tigers and lions...

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