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#ChennaiFloods: Outpouring of rescue and support doesn’t end with human victims

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Posted on December 7, 2015: Chennai faced its biggest challenge yet with an over 4-day downpour that hasn’t been seen in over a century. Unfortunately, many human and animal lives were lost in the Chennai floods this year. Social media reports have been claiming that approximately one lakh cats, dogs, cows, goats and urban wildlife such as deer have been affected. Relief supplies, support and rescue efforts have been forthcoming from all corners of the world. The natural ease with which people opened up their homes and hearts to the victims of chennai floods puppies rescuethe floods in Chennai was not restricted to humans. Many residents did their absolute best to rescue their pets, as well as, stray animals. Dog boarding centre Hotel for Dogs arranged for dog parents to have their dogs picked up from various locations in Chennai and sent to a safe house in Bengaluru till the rains abated. The Army didn’t ignore the four-legged in their rescue efforts and animal rescue organisations worked tirelessly to ensure that stray dogs and cats had food to eat and a dry spot to curl up in. The Humane Society of India teamed up with local NGO Blue Cross of India to rescue over 90 animals from abandoned buildings and inaccessible areas of the city. In a media release from Friday December 5, 2015, HSI India’s senior executive is quoted as saying, “The Chennai floods have been devastating, and our teams are assisting both people and animals who have become trapped in the affected areas. Many people here are concerned for their animals left behind, and for local street animals and livestock in clear need of assistance, but the main problem has been that so many are stranded in inaccessible areas. Our inflatable rafts have proven to be a game-changer in this rescue effort, giving us access through the flooded lanes to get food and supplies where it’s desperately needed and to lift people and animals to safety.”

chennai animal rescue floods

rescue dogs

“Team PFCI in collaboration with Team Bangalore cumulatively have done our bit for both our two and four legged brethren !

Two teams of Animal welfare activists arrived in Chennai late last night to extend their help to the flood affected humans and animals.rescue stray animals chennai

The first team comprising of Shilpa, Sumitra and Kartik accompanied by Dinesh from Pfci distributed essential commodities and food to 400 humans this morning and 200 more during the course of the day.

The second team from Bangalore - Anurag Varma, Ashwini & Rajesh accompanied by Thejaswini, Aditi & Sridevi from PFCI rescued 5 pups from T. Nagar, out of which one pup was barely a few days old. 3 more pups were rescued from Thiruvanmiyur. The pups have been safely secured at foster homes. The team also administered first aid to 2 calves and 5 dogs.

The third team comprising of Nitika & Radhika from Bangalore were accompanied by Dinesh Baba and Madhusudhan from PFCI fed 30 hungry cows at Saidapet. With the assistance of our very own Dr Madina, first aid was administered to 30 cows and 40 goats.”

Animal rescue organisation People for Cattle in India shared on Facebook. Tollywood actor Vishal reportedly came to the ‘rescue’ of the rescue organisation by offering his car to PFCI for rescuing three abandoned dogs found tied to a fence in Guindy.

Clearly the dangerous flooding could not do much damage to the generosity and courage of the residents of Chennai and all who came to their aid. Well done, everyone!

Photographs courtesy Twitter and Facebook.

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