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This ethical entrepreneur from Dubai just had a brilliant idea

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Posted on November 26, 2015: Whereas mercenary pet shops and puppy mills are sadly on the rise, thanks to the rising profits to be made from the business of breeding dogs. There are those that use their wits for the benefit of others. Meet Nabeel, the proprietor of the Dubai-based pet shop Wonder Pets. His pet shop in Jumeirah Village sells pet food and pet accessories, but not live animals.

A pet ‘shop’ owner with a difference, Nabeel is, in fact, strictly against selling animals as pets. If you visit Wonder Pets’ Facebook page, you’ll see a post of a dog bone, with the words, “Don’t shop. Adopt,” written in it. Yet another post has an anti-puppy mill message. A signboard is seen with the following words, “When I was rescued from a puppy farm; I suffered from fused hips, epilepsy, severe dry eye, bald patches; I was severely underweight. My skin smelt like burning flesh from being kept in my own urine; the ammonia burning my skin. Please make people aware of the abusive industry. Please share.” Yet another national mill dog rescue message on the page, bearing the picture of a weary dog says, “She was forced to be a mother when she was still a puppy. Abused, neglected, she lived in a cage. Don’t buy puppies online or from pet stores.”

The pet adoption shop

Nabeel’s shop re-homes cats, dogs, rabbits and birds. All the animals at Wonder Pets are rescued from the streets, reported Gulf News. Some of them that have been lucky to find a loving home through his shop include a Golden Retriever recovered from a gas station, a German Shepherd found in an area called Jumeirah, five pups retrieved from Al Warqah and a cat deserted outside the shop. These animals are in a weak state on being abandoned. Nabeel, with the help of vets, nursed them back to health before putting them up for adoption. Of course, they are vaccinated as well.

Birds, cats, and rabbits are taken by the adoptive pet parents for free. Dog pet parents, however, need to pay an adoption fee and the dog’s veterinary costs. The dogs after all need eight vaccinations which are inclusive of rabies and booster shots. Microchipping and municipality registration is also incurred by Nabeel, which is why the same becomes a part of the adoption fee.

Often pets are deserted outside Nabeel’s shop. At times, this may be quite challenging, but Nabeel goes out of his way to take care of them. A denizen of Dubai said that he prefers adopting from Wonder Pets instead of using social media to find one. Wonder Pets also has a donation box. People are encouraged to donate food with which homeless animals at shelters will be fed.

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