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Getting a Pet Dog License in India: North and South Zone

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Posted on October 31, 2015: Getting your pet dog registered with the local authority is a mandatory responsibility of the owner, as per local and municipal law in India. Your dog can be confiscated and even ‘destroyed’ if he/she is not wearing the stipulated token around the collar. Be on the safe side and register your pet dog as soon as he/she turn 3-4 months old. Here are links to general information:

Here’s a compilation of all you need to know about getting a pet dog registration license in major cities falling in the North and South zone of India:



The website of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi includes three microsites – South Delhi Municipal Corp., North Delhi Municipal Corp., and East Delhi Municipal Corp. None of the websites have any information on how you can get your pet registered with the MCD, even though there was some talk of the process becoming online for residents in the south zone in August 2015.

The Delhi Municipal Act 1957 in Section 399 mandates that all pet dogs be registered with the nearest civic body cell. The registered dogs must wear a token with its registration number on its collar. The municipal corporation can detain any unregistered dogs they find.

Registered dog owners don’t necessarily receive any benefits. Officials complain of pet owners registering in dismal numbers. According to an August 2015 report by The Hindu, only 300 dogs have been registered with the MCD so far this year.

That isn’t surprising since registering a pet in Delhi is not an easy, half-day task. It will take repeated visits and dealing with obtuse MC officials to be successful. Be patient, as courteous as possible and put at least two days aside for this.

From personal experience, I know that a pet dog must be registered with your local municipal corporation’s veterinary department (VO Office) after he/she completes 3 months. You will need photographs of your dog and vaccination records, plus a fee of Rs 15 – 30. You will also need a proof of ID and address for yourself. The registration is usually valid for one year and then needs to be renewed. Visit the local MC cell or councilor’s office to find out more about the forms and paperwork involved.


Section 311 of the Municipal Corporation Act 1994, stipulates each pet parent to register their pet dog with a registration authority nominated by the Commissioner.  It gives the Commissioner the power to detain any dog not wearing the mandatory token with registration number. In fact, the dog may even be ‘destroyed’ if the penalty is not paid and he/she is not claimed within a reasonable period of time.

Again, the procedure to obtain a pet license and registration is not very clear. At least not on the MCG website. While the public relations officer of the MCG had claimed to the Hindustan Times in 2011 that there was a need to improve the awareness among pet parents about the registration process, there has not been much action on the ground. The MCG does have a Facebook page though, so you can clear your doubts regarding the pet registration process in Gurgaon with the administrator of the page.


Again, there is a lack of information on the Noida Authority’s website, which reads more like a property business’ brochure. From this August 2015 report by the Hindustan Times it can be understood that animal activists and local residents are urging the authority to institute a registration process for pet dogs to help reduce the number of pets being abandoned on the streets.

Check with the local authority to ensure that there is no dog registration stipulation in Noida.


All dog parents are required to register their dog with the Lucknow Nagar Nigam and obtain a license that must be worn on the dog’s collar at all times. The penalty for not registering your dog is Rs 5,000 if you are caught. The fees for registering your dog depends on the size and breed varying from Rs 150 to 300. The license is valid for a year and must be renewed for an additional annual fee.

Call your ward office to find out about relevant forms and procedures and the location of the veterinary office in your area. It is widely reported that getting the license from the LNN is not an easy task, while officials have cracked down on unlicensed pet ownership more than once in the past.

It was also reported earlier this month in the Lucknow edition of The Hindustan Times on Oct 13, 2015, that the Lucknow Municipal Corporation plans on holding awareness-raising and dog registration camps in every ward of the city. Here, dog parents can turn up with vaccination records and their own ID proof and other documents and get the dog registered on the spot. Call on these Customer Care numbers to find out more.


The Chandigarh MC is one of the few in India that has the dog registration form and relevant information available online. According to the Chandigarh Registration of Pet Dogs Bylaws-2010, dog owners are stipulated to get their dogs registered as soon as the animal turns four months old. You will need:

  • 2 photographs of the dog (pasted on form)
  • Vaccination certificate from a veterinary clinic registered with the MCC
  • Breed certificate (if any)

You will need to fill up a form at the Medical Officer (Health)’s office in Sector 17, and pay a fee of Rs 200. You will receive a lifelong registration number and token, which must be affixed to the dog’s collar. You are required to submit an annual rabies vaccination certificate to the MCC. Only two dogs per family are allowed.


According to the Punjab Municipal (Registration & Proper Control Of Dogs) Bye-Laws, dog parents must get their older-than-three-months dogs registered with the office of the Mohali Municipal Corporation on or before April 1st each year or within seven days of its arrival in the area of the Municipal Corporation of SAS Nagar. You will need:

  • Form A
  • Vaccination certificate for rabies and an undertaking that you will vaccinate the dog every year.
  • Sterilisation certificate for an over 4-year old dog or in case your dog is younger, an undertaking that you will get the dog sterilised as soon as it turns four years old.
  • Fees varying from Rs 250 to 350, depending on whether you’re renewing your registration or getting a new one.

Registration is valid for one year. You will receive a token that must be affixed to the dog’s collar. The token will also have your name, address and contact details.


The application form is available for down from the Downloads section of the Udaipur MC website. Call the Nodal Officer or your particular ward office for more details.

It is indicative that you will need to apply with the office of the Health Officer, but there is insufficient information available online.


As of 2005, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation made it compulsory for dog parents to register their dogs with the office of the MC, but hardly anything has been done about raising awareness among dog owners about the rules and procedures. There is no information on the dog registration procedure and relevant documents and forms on the BMC website.

The Veterinary Section falls under the Health and Environment Department of the BMC. Presumably, you need to register your dog with them. Call your local ward office, for more information. The Bhopal Municipal Corporation has social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. You can try to contact them there for more information.


The Indore Municipal Corporation does issue dog licenses for dog parents on the payment of a certain fee, although there is no discernible mention necessitating pet dog registration licenses in the Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1956.

Hence, the procedure and required documents for acquiring a dog license is unclear. You’d be better of calling your local ward office or the IMC main office for more information.



The Animal Husbandry Division of the Bruhath Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) is in-charge of issuing licenses for pet dogs in the city. In 2014-15, the Division issued 150 new licenses while 132 licenses were renewed in the eight zones within the BBMP limits.

You will need to submit your application to the Health inspector / Sr. veterinary inspector of the Division in your zone, along with the prescribed fee for issue of license. The highest authority in this regard is the Asst. Director of the zone on behalf of Commissioner.

Contact details of these officials is provided on the BBMP website, as well as, in the documents hyperlinked in the above text.


The Kerala Municipality Act 1994 and the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act 1994 govern the mandatory and general functions of the local bodies of the state. One of the mandatory functions of the local authority listed under these acts is to ‘Issue of license to domestic dogs and destroy stray dogs’.

Contact the zonal office of your area and attempt to reach the Health Office, for information on procedure and required documents.


The Veterinary Public Health section of the Health Department of the Corporation of Chennai is entrusted with the issuing licenses to pet dogs. Dog parents are required to apply at public veterinary health centres and dispensaries. Find your closest one, depending on your zone. An annual registration fee of Rs 50 is charged.


Puducherry (Union Territory) is in-charge of issuing licenses to pet dogs. As per their Latest News bulletin on the Home Page, “The Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare department of the government of Anti-Rabies Vaccination is conducted every Wednesday at Veterinary Hospital, Pondicherry.  The Pondicherry Municipality is arranging to issue license for vaccinated PET Dogs on every Wednesday at Veterinary Hospital, Pondicherry.”

Contact the Animal Husbandry department or visit the veterinary hospital for more information.     


Getting your dog registered with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is compulsory as per the Animal Birth Control (Dog Rules) 2007 of the GHMC, said the GHMC.

You can download the form from the MC website, under the CSC Application forms section. You will need to attach a No Objection Certificate from your neighbours, and a vaccination and immunisation health certificate from a registered veterinarian. Along with a fee of Rs 50 per dog (per year), submit the application at government Veterinary Hospitals or at Blue Cross of Hyderabad, Jubilee Hills or at Citizen Service Centers at Parking Complex, Abids and Khairtabad in the limits of Central Zone, GHMC.

You will be issued a token which must be renewed every year.

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