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Get Savvy: Seven must-have apps for every dog parent

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Posted on October 22, 2015: Technology has managed to impress us all - kids, teens, yuppies or even grandparents! In this app-tastic age that we are living in, tech geeks know the needs of people very well, and to be specific, the needs of a proud pet parents! Your dog is your best friends or may be the best kid in the house, and we are sure you want to give him the best of everything available! So here are few apps that every puppy parent would appreciate:

#01 Tagg:

We’ve already told you about Finding Rover, and now here’s Tagg. With the kind of features that this app provides, it’s an absolute peace of mind for the human. Tagg is primarily a GPS attachment for your dog’s collar that tracks your canine friend’s activity, and measures exercise by body movements. It also messages you if your dog goes beyond a boundary that you set for him! Cool right?

Available on iOS & Android

#02 Doggy Datez:

Sounds like a dating app for dogs eh? Well, it is almost that. It helps finds canine friends and playmates for your dog at your common spots – such as cafes, neighbourhood parks and other meeting areas. It is a great app to help socialise your pup. This app lets you find other dog owners in your area who often visit the same park or come for regular morning walks around your neighbourhood. Now you can add another Whatsapp group that reads, ‘Proud Pet Parents of Neighbourhood Park’.

Available on iOS & Android

#03 Pet Phone:

You think you are too stressed to manage your pet all by yourself? Planning to hire a caretaker who could keep a track of his medical records and food preferences? Worry not! This app comes in handy with features that lets you track your dog’s health and maintain records with ease.

Available on iOS

#04 Petoxins:

No matter how cautious we are about what we eat and drink, we have all fallen sick due to allergies and food poisoning. It is almost the same with our dogs. They have allergies just like us, and there are things that can be toxic to them if ingested. We know it's difficult to remember every harmful thing for your dog. And thus, this app acts like a dictionary or a guide which has an impressive list of poisonous plants that you can now easily keep out of your dog’s reach!

Available on iOS

#05. MapMyDogWalk

It’s not just your dog who needs to remain fit! The human needs a regular dose of exercise too. This app is like a dog walker meets a fit bit. It lets you log your walks, track calories you have burnt, save your favourite map routes, etc. You can also share and geotag pictures.

Available on iOS & Android

#06 Foursquare

This one is like your own doggy organiser. Foursquare allows you to map all the dog parks in your city, nearby vets and pet stores and it also lets you see if any of your friends are in the same area as you with their dog.

Available on iOS, Android & Blackberry App World

#07 Shake & Bark

Do you often miss your pet while away on a work trip or a vacation? Are you one of those who just cannot spend a day without listening to his bark? Here’s a cute app to fulfil your wish. Just click a picture from your iPhone, record the bark of your dog and name the picture. Now every time you shake your phone, your phone will go ‘bow-bow’ just like your doggy does.

Available on iOS

If you know of any other similar apps or if you use any of the above, do share your feedback in the comments below!

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