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Puppy Love -The App: Enterprising young man from Chennai just created Tinder for dogs!

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Posted on September 26, 2015: Don’t we all want that perfect (in our eyes at least) partner in life who will keep you company through good times and bad? With the boon of technology, it is easier to find your soul mate through various mobile apps such as Tinder, Quack Quack, Woo and so on. Now imagine, if your furry friend can get a purrfect partner to run and play with through an app that is designed exclusively for animals?

 A young Chennai-ite, Pratap Premnath has made this possible by creating a dating app for dogs, called PuppyLove. Talking about the idea that led him to this initiative to the Times of India, Pratap said, “When I was in Mumbai, I met several dog owners who were struggling to get some company for their pets. I thought that it would be great to create a platform like Tinder or Woo for pets and that’s when I thought ‘why not?’.” He also found that people who wanted to buy or adopt pets faced problems as there was no single platform where they could easily access the profiles of potential pets. Choosing the right pet for you is an intensive journey, PuppyLove eliminates the middle men in this journey by accumulating all the data at one place, with access to a vast number of profiles that cannot be matched by one single pet shop or organisation. 

A dog lover himself, Pratap revealed that the inspiration came from real life events that took place around him. “There shouldn’t be one person who wants a pet in their lives, but doesn’t get it because of the hassle involved in the process or because of the lack of choice available to them”, he says.

The Formula for Love

With PuppyLove you can buy, sell, adopt and hitch pups together. This being a first of its kind in India; it is an all in one app that helps:
1. Bring a pet in your life when you are stuck with questions like ‘How should I get one?’ or ‘Is this pet suitable for me?’ The app’s features help you by giving access to many profiles from where you can select which pet you would like to buy or adopt by having a talk with the owner or seller using the simple built-in chat feature.

2. Hitch your pet on a play date in case he/she is lonely in the city and needs a partner. If it’s a match then the pet parents8965590 can bond and hit it off at their convenience.

Here’s a video on how PuppyLove works

Not just a dog thing

Also, the app is not restricted to just dogs! “Since we are new, we now have dogs, cats, fishes and birds. However, users can add other pets as well. With the app we have a virtual showroom of sorts as opposed to a real one like a kennel, which has space constraints. The virtual presence has also been an enabling factor for us to launch this plan in multiple cities. The only thing which will enable this platform to become successful is through our ability to make people aware and know that such a thing exists”, says Pratap.

He also states that the founding team has put together a beta app which will soon be available on Google Play. This version has the buyer and seller section functional. However, more funds are now needed to get the pet dating section up, for the iOS app development as well as for getting the word out.

Pratap says, “Crowdfunding is our preferred route to raise these funds as it ensures that the app is backed by people who are pet lovers or believe in the idea rather than those expecting returns of investment. Funding till now has been through our individual savings and keeping in mind the development and marketing costs while going forward, this funding is essential for PuppyLove’s success.”

Click here to fund this initiative and learn more about the terms.

Photograph and video courtesy PuppyLove

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