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Forget Singapore, we now have a luxury pet hotel in Chennai!

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Posted on 10th Nov, 2014: On 6th Nov, Gingertail ran a story on a luxury pet hotel – Waginton, to be launched in Singapore mid-November, only to realize that there already is such a facility closer home in Chennai! Harley & Me - a 4500 sq ft completely air conditioned bunglow converted into a pet hotel-club was launched last month in the city on East Coast Road with an aim to provide high end overnight boarding and day-care for pets. The name ‘Harley & Me’ takes inspiration from the facility founder and CEO Arunodaya Reddy’s golden retriever Harley who has also been the force behind Arunodaya’s switch from his career as a tax consultant to now running a pet management company – Pets101, which besides running this facility also retails premium pet products and provide pet grooming and training services.

This hotel is a new avatar of Reddy’s Pets 101 Hotel which started back in January 2013. Modelled as a hotel-club which works on the concept of membership for dog parents this facility can house 30 dogs at a time. In the new hotel the old dog kennels have been replaced by bright orange, green and yellow coloured air conditioned ‘dog suites’ where each suite is about 65 square feet and has been provided with a cot, a water resistant mattress and a designer bowl. In addition the hotel boasts of a vet-certified 27-meter long swimming pool and about 8000 sq ft of open green space for dogs to play and exercise. There is also a grooming and massage parlour along with a luxury store offering premium pet products.For dogs with ortho and obesity issues, the hotel offers a vet aided rehab program. The hotel also has a ‘Pet Café’ where pet parents can take their dogs for a nice treat ranging from a wholesome meal to cookies and even ice-creams – ensuring that the hotel has something for all pet parents looking to pamper their pets. Interestingly, for those who cannot keep a dog but would like to spend some time with them, Harley & Me even offers a BnB service! And in case parents start missing their pets, they can login through a special link provided for this purpose and check up on them - in fact, according to Arunodaya, they have been pioneers in this facility weher they first introduced skyping with pets back in 2013. Boarding their pets can easily set the parents back by Rs. 700 to Rs. 1000 per night at this premium facility which according to Arunodaya pet parents are ready to spend provided they get a good facility – a gap which Harley & Me hopes to fill at least in Chennai having already clocked 6000 dog days till date!

(The hotel capacity was wrongly reported as 16 dogs and has been corrected. Also, Arunodaya is the founder and CEO of the facility and not a co-founder as reported earlier.)

(Images: Harley & Me FB Page, New Indian Express)

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