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2nd International Cat Show concludes in Mumbai

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Posted on 1st Oct, 2014: On 27th and 28th September, Mumbai hosted the 2nd International Cat Show of India. Organized by Indian Cat Federation (ICF) in association with World Cat Federation (WCF), the event was name sponsored by Whiskas – the cat food brand from the stable of Mars International. Organized at Stallion Banquets, Prabhadevi, the show saw about 50+ participants ranging from exotic Persian cats to Indian Cat. The show was judged by Anneliese Hackmann from Germany (All Breed Judge – WCF and President - World Cat Federation) and Dr. Johan Lamprecht from South Africa (All Breed Judge - WCF) along with Petra Mueller – President of Middle East Cat Society and Founder of ‘Arabian Mau’ cats as a Special Guest. Cats competed based on their respective categories viz. Short hair, long hair, Persians and Exotic, Housecat etc. and Best of Best winners were announced for each category. The participants also received a certificate of WCF for the cat’s original breed. The highlight of the show was stray cats who got 1st & 2nd place in housecat category.

The successful conclusion of the 2nd International Cat Show is a step forward towards the goals of ICF which is put India on world cat show map, making certification of breed and class of cats a must in India, creating awareness about Indian cat population and encouraging adoption of strays as well as ensuring cage free homes. ICF has also been championing the cause of getting the Indian cats recognized as an International breed – BILLY. For this purpose ICF is associating with Bombay Veterinary College on ‘Project Billy’ in order to study and research to create a “Standard” for these cats. This “Standard” would then be presented to the World Cat Federation for their formal approval and the approval of member clubs and associations in various countries.

The next International Cat show will be held in Bangalore.

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