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Dog rescued from a hot pool of tar

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Posted on 1st Oct, 2014: In a heart-warming story emerging from Udaipur, Animal Aid Unlimited – a local animal welfare NGO, rescued a stray dog who had fallen into a pool of hot tar and was badly stuck with no hope of getting out alive.  As per Claire, one of the founders of the NGO, about a couple of weeks ago they received a call about a dog who was stuck in a pile of tar behind Udaipur’s townhall. When the team reached the spot, they found the dog completely covered in tar and stuck to the ground, “The dog was petrified and breathing really hard. Apparently, he has been stuck like that for almost about 10 hours or so - he was not even trying to move and seemed to have totally given up”, said Claire describing the rescue scene. Fortunately, for the team, the tar was still soft and so they were able to lift the dog and bring him back to the NGO’s facility for cleaning. Then started the long arduous process of patiently removing the tar from the dog’s coat which involved about 3-4 volunteers working over next 2-3 days. The volunteers gently massaged the dog with vegetable oil to remove the tar which had by then cooled to form an almost solid layer over his coat. “In India, we have a tendency to use kerosene in such situations but that can be really harmful for the skin and can end up doing more damage than good - therefore, to remove tar the volunteers used vegetable oil. By the end of the first session we were successful in removing almost about 90% of the tar but he still had clumps stuck in his coat which needed another couple of sessions. Also, we had to be careful while removing tar around his eyes and that also required a lot of patient handling and multiple sessions by our volunteers.” She adds that by the end of it all the dog was very fatigued having gone through the trauma and the long sessions of vegetable oil massages but made full recovery and can be seen being happily fed by a volunteer in the NGO’s video (shared below) with his chocolate brown coat shining brightly under the sun. Thankfully, there was no permanent injury or damage except slight sickness which may have been due to tar ingestion. The dog post his recovery has been vaccinated, neutered and returned to his neighbourhood.

While this story has a great ending, it also throws light on how by not properly managing or disposing such harmful materials we endanger the lives of other humans and animals.  It is quite possible that this pool of hot tar may have been left after some road repair work with no one simply bothering to clean up. Such callous oversight not only affects strays but there have also been numerous cases of two wheeler accidents due to spilled over molten tar. Similarly households while disposing off their garbage must make sure that they separate glass and plastic from organic waste, for strays looking for food in garbage dumps often get injured by glass shards or end up ingesting plastic which is potentially fatal for them.

Lastly, team Gingertail salutes the volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited for their dedication and commitment to the cause of the strays which cannot be better exemplified than this rescue video below:


  1. Daily Mail UK - The dog that turned into a rock after falling into hot tar: Rescuers take two days to free animal after it slipped into sticky substance and it solidified
  2. Mirror UK - Watch heart-melting moment distressed dog is rescued from pool of hot tar

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