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Mark the date – 28th Sept is now World Pet Day!

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Posted on 30th Sept, 2014 - There could have been no better way to start this magazine than with a report on the inaugural World Pet Day celebrated on 28th Sept. Set on similar lines as Father’s and Mother’s day, World Pet Day (WPD) has been marked as a day to celebrate Petkind (a term which has now been trademarked by the entity championing WPD) – a special day dedicated to celebrating and promoting love for pets. The idea behind WPD is to raise awareness of our pets’ unconditional love, by sharing photos on social media and raising money for pet causes such as fight against animal cruelty. To participate in WPD, all parents needed to do was log into the WPD website and create a fb postcard by uploading their pet’s photo along with an answer to the question – What’s your pet like?, using a short phrase <petname> is #<description>. Check out some of the postcards from the WPD fb page here

Along with creating the postcards, parents were also encouraged to donate to the Humane Society International (HSI), who helps deal with cruelty, neglect and overpopulation of pets, around the world. The funds will help fight puppy mills, dog meat trade and fund street dog welfare campaigns.

WPD initiative is the joint brainchild of KLOOF (a social media company for pet parents), +SocialGood (a global community focussed on leveraging technology and new media to drive social good initiatives around the world) and PVBLIC Foundation (a grant-making organization that harnesses the power of media assets to drive social change).

Though WPD is an American concept much like the Father’s and Mother’s day, and that too in its first year of commemoration, we at Team Gingertail sincerely hope that WPD becomes as phenomenal success in years to come for it celebrates the unconditional love of family member is dearest to all!

A belated happy World Pet Day!

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