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WATCH: Virtual play date with your pet just got real!

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Posted on August 16, 2016: Every time we plan to travel alone, without our pets for work or leisure, we feel guilty about not being able to play with them. Pets, specifically dogs become really upset and lazy when we are not around to engage in fun activities with them. But not to worry. Technology, as always, has got our backs!

PlayDate is an interactive pet camera shaped like a smart ball connected to your smartphone and gives you the control to give your pet something to chase and interact with. You could play with your dog or cat from anywhere in the world. Not just play but you can also keep a check on your pet through the moveable camera.  All you need is this smart ball and a smartphone. And in case your mobile is not handy, they also have a website where you can login and manage the smart ball over an internet connection.

Just when you begin to chase your dog with this smart ball, you can also click pictures and save the fun moments to be enjoyed together later! PlayDate is so thoughtfully designed that it keeps the camera stable even when you roll it around, and never lets your pet go out of sight. And if your dog/cat is acting like a lazy bum, you also have a sound option to issue a quick alert and let the chasing begin! So you can talk to them, hear them bark or purr and at the same time, also record a video!


No, don’t worry about the ball getting damaged already. The inner mechanics is covered with an extra layer and the outside replaceable polycarbonate shell. Not just this but for cat owners they have also added an extra slot on the shell so that you can tie ribbons or string on to it.

So instead of sleeping in your absence your pet could actually involve in some fun exercise and smell around the whole house in search of this smart ball. And when you return home you shall no longer find those puppy eyes hungry for love, but you’ll see hopeful eyes looking to share the fun they had while you were away!

However, let’s break the bad news now. The product is not available for sale right now. The creators of PlayDate have pitched for funding for development and the first run of the final product. They are expecting to initiate first round of product shipping by the end of this year. The product could range between $100 - 149. For now, being a crowdfunded project, PlayDate is available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

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