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Cat got your tongue? A cat collar that lets your cat talk back!

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Posted on May 30, 2016:You may have wondered what that lingering meow means. If you’re a pet parent with a close rapport with your cat, you may have some idea of what he/ she wants. However, even you may often be at a loss on what your cat is trying to communicate through a meow. Things may be about to change as an US-based company has come up with a collar which will help felines to communicate their wants and needs better.

Modus operandi

The Temptations Lab (Research dedicated to the future of fun times with your cat) has been reportedly invented Catterbox, ‘the world’s first talking cat collar’ - a cat collar which translates cat meows and purrs to human language. This unique collar comes with digital sensors which supposedly detect what the meow means. This 3D printed collar is said to be laced with rubber lacquer to make it comfortable for the cat. A set of LED lights is said to indicate that the collar is on and working. The lab has reportedly conduct research to discover that cats meow only to communicate with human beings. They then have purportedly went on to analyse a whole range of cat noises and have invented a digital sensor that deciphers a feline’s meow and have developed a program to match mow to corresponding emotion or needs. All the user ostensibly needs to do is to connect to the lab’s app and select their cat’s new voice.

Catterbox claims to inform you of when the cat is sleepy, having fun, wanting to greet you, liking the food, doesn’t like something, or even something as complex like he/ she wants you to wash your hands. has posted a host of endearing videos indicating exactly how this collar works.


The people at the Temptations Lab were, as per news reports, perpetually awed by cats and wished to get to know them better. They reportedly scrutinised a wide range of meows to understand what they were trying to communicate to their human. In 2007, a device called Meowlingual claimed to be able to decipher cat language. Attempts have been made to understand dog language as well.

Is it for real?

There are however news updates on the net which say that this is simply a fake commercial for a product which doesn’t exist. Adam&eveDDB, a London ad agency has been attributed with creating this commercial. Other news articles, however, aver that this collar is a 3D printed one and has been launched in four colours. On Twitter, someone has claimed to have bought and used this collar. He has written that he’s purchased this collar but is disappointed as it just says that the user is a cat whose doing cat activities. Some have written that they don’t need this collar as they already understand what their pets convey to them through meows or that they feel that a translated human voice will irk them while they’re asleep. Many people have expressed skepticism on whether this product really exists or not. Others have stated awe and wonder for the product and have articulated keen interest to buy one. On 2 May, 2016, Temptation Treats – the company that markets the product - tweeted that Catterbox is not currently available for purchase and they’ll keep all updated in this regard.

If this collar is genuine, then talking cats won’t exist in only fiction anymore but in real life as well.  But do we really want to know what our cat thinks about us?



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