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Keep all your pet’s medical records in your pocket with Pawprint

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Posted on March 23, 2016: Being a pet owner myself, I have often had a hard time maintaining my pet’s medical records. Keeping a track of their vaccination, vets appointment and the due dates is sometimes an exhausting process. And unfortunately, amidst all the work pressure, at times we forget the appointments or are late for vaccination. Also, many veterinarians are still on paper work and there is no standardization in format to maintain all the medical records at one place.

But pet parent Emily Dong, out of frustration with the scattered state of pet information and records, created an app called Pawprint that allows the pet owners to maintain all the medical records in one place! This means pet parents no longer have to deal with messy medical records or the guilt of forgetting the appointments. Now it is easy to get notified when it’s time to get your beloved furball vaccinated, dewormed or generally checked out.

What is Pawprint?

Aiming to make pet care easier and more accessible, Pawprint was ideated, conceptualized and founded by Emily Dong. She participated in theY Combinator Fellowship which is one of the world’s largest start-up incubators. Pawprint was one of 31 companies selected from a pool of 6,600 to go through the first round of funding. Fellows receive $20,000 and advice from the YC community for eight weeks to go from an idea to a startup.

The app lets you connect your pet's caretaker network around a central information source. Pawprint is the one place for medical records, feeding instructions, reminders & alerts for vaccines and checkups, and even cute photos. By bringing all pet care vital records to one place, Pawprint hopes to simplify pet care for owners and veterinarians by online access to the pet's vitals. The app has both iOS and Android versions. The aim is to be a data layer that allows consumers to manage their interactions with any pet business. It also keeps pet service providers safe by ensuring that the animals they work with are healthy.

Benefits for Pet Parents: 


  • The records belong to you and your pet. No third-party sites can have access to it and your information can be removed at any time.
  • Pawprint is here to empower pet owners by giving them 24/7 access to their pet’s records.
  • You get official verified records through Pawprint.


How to do that?

Once a pet parent enters the details of the pet and his/her vet into the app, the Pawprint team contacts the vet for an official copy of the records. They then send out a notification when the records are loaded onto the app. And that’s it! You'll have a digital copy of the medical records, appointments etc.

Pawprint is free to download. Check them out in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play.

Download Pawprint today and sync all your pet details lying in your drawer in loose threads. Tell us how you go! Do write back and tell us about your experience and how Pawprint works in India.

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