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My Rescue Pet: Enter to ‘win’ a Pibborafi plush toy of your rescue dog

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Posted on March 11, 2016: Pibborafi, a Toronto-based company started out as Wugadogs in 2011 and made a big name for themselves by contributing and helping at animal rescue homes and funding them through auctions. They also donated plush toys to hospitals and held Christmas giveaways and toy drives. They have been constantly associated with various animal shelters and believe adoption is better than supporting pet stores and mills.
Now, aiming at promoting their mission of promoting the adoption of shelter animals, Pibborafi has come up with a range of plush puppy toys for children worldwide.

Unlike other plush toy making companies where you could pay up to $200 to get your dog’s lookalike custom-made toy, Pibborafi handpicks a few entries from the “List” which is filled out by many pet parents on their website. These selected few lucky pups get whimsically-styled stuffed toys sent to them free of charge!

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Here’s how it works

  1. First of all, you need to fill out a form at and get on the List to be eligible for consideration. Details such as your dog’s name, gender, breed and why should he/she should be the next Pibborafi toy need to be jotted down. But it is only open for pets that are rescue dogs.
  2. From the list of entries, Pibborafi will select the next dog whose Pibborafi toy version will be made. They then send you an email notifying you about your selection and also give a disclaimer that you are allowing Pibborafi to create a toy after your dog.
  3. You then send several pictures of your dog from different angles to their designers so that they have proper and clear information before they start creating the toy.
  4.  Once the toy has been completed (usually takes 3-4 months), Pibborafi sends you the first two copies of the toy for free without charging any shipping fee either!

However, here’s the catch - As you agree to their disclaimer agreement allowing them to build a toy after your dog, you are giving them complete ownership and profitability to any future sales made of that toy. You will not be able to claim or share any profit or royalty from the sales.

But we suppose, the satisfaction of having your dog’s lookalike plush toy to keep forever is beyond the materialistic happiness a million dollar would bring, right?!

From more information on Pibborafi, you can visit their website here and on Facebook here.

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