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Microsoft’s new app will ‘Fetch’ your dog’s breed information for you

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Posted on February 23, 2016: Technology giant Microsoft recently launched an app ‘Fetch’ which is a recognition app that looks at photos of dogs to identify its breed. Or if not the exact breed then it, at least, tells you of the closest match for your pet! Cool isn’t it?

Fetch is an iPhone app and is meant to highlight a machine’s learning potential. "There is very advanced work underway at Microsoft in this area, which are able to take apart subtle differences, even when breeds look similar or through the many different colors within breeds.” "Every time we add more, that's the beauty of the deep neural network in understanding new, unique breeds. This is a really complex problem," Mitch Goldberg, development director at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, a UK-based team which built the app told TechCrunch.

A desktop version of Fetch is also available. This is not the first time that the US-based technology giant has launched a recognition app. Last year, Microsoft launched a website that would guess people's ages from their photos.

Fetch is made with a little bit of humor too, given that people are always up for some fun. If you upload a picture with no dog in it and try to trick the app, well, it gives it back to you with a funny dog breed name!

Don’t have an iPhone or a Desktop? Worry not! Android has a few fun apps as well to recognize your dog’s breed such as:

  1. Dog Breeds
  2. Dogsnap

P.S. I shared a picture of my Cat and the app thought my cat was a dog too! Do not freak out if you get crazy answers because the results will always be based on what image you use to recognize the breed, the colors, the frame and the lighting in the picture.

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