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After Tata funds DogSpot, Heads Up for Tails raises funds from investors in Singapore, India and the USA

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Posted on February 7, 2016: As the pet care industry in India is set to grow by over $100 million in 2016, interest and investment in the industry is also seeing a consequent increase. Last month, Gingertail reported on how entrepreneur Rana Atheya raised funds for his dog products portal from Ratan Tata and Ronnie Screwvala.

“Indian pet industry is the fastest growing pet industry globally. I feel the socio-economic (situation) of the country is ready for the boom in this sector,” Rana predicted at the time, “I believe the pet market in India will explode in the next five years as India urbanises further...”

He was right.

Now, it is being reported that Delhi-based luxury pet products portal Heads Up for Tails or, have managed to garner an unknown sum of money from seed investors in the US, India and Singapore.

“There is plenty of competition and it’s growing every day. But we are focussing on creating and developing our own brand to reach out to a niche segment of pet parents who are design and quality conscious. We work extremely hard on both those factors, and do believe that it helps to differentiate us in a very crowded market,” owner and founder Rashi Narang told

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Rashi Sanon Narang, who studied at the London School of Economics, started Heads Up For Tails (HUTA) as a kiosk in Delhi’s Select Citywalk Mall in 2008. She came up with the idea when she was looking for a fitting birthday present for her beloved Labrador Sara. Rashi wanted to pamper her pooch with high-end treats and toys, but was hard-pressed to find anything of the sort in the Indian market. And so, HUTA was born.

Today, HUTA has expanded to a full-service web portal with over 1,000 products spanning beds, bowls, leashes and harnesses, food, treats, toys and more, and featuring brands such as KONG, Pet Head, Royal Canin etc. The original kiosk has recently undergone a revamp and still functions out of its location in the south Delhi mall. Rashi has also expanded the business with a recent US launch and is eyeing more overseas locations. HUTA is also looking to launch other stores across Indian cities with the funds that they’ve raised.

It seems pampering pets in India is making more and more business sense these days…

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