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Online Vet in the House: The Telemedicine Trend to hit the US

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Posted on January 26, 2016: Often our fur babies fall ill unexpectedly and we all know the panic that surges through us.  During such times, we may opt for a bout of online research about the symptoms to avoid a costly trip to the vet.

However, this is not always a good idea. There is conflicting, often contradictory, advice available on the web and it is advisable to only take expert opinion during serious situations.

As technology has taken a few leaps ahead, there is a proliferation of websites and apps that offer expert advice from qualified and experienced vets.

And here’s where the online vet service comes into the picture.

What is it about?

Also known as telemedicine, the online vet service has taken the US by storm. Available on various platforms such as websites and even as smartphone apps on our phone, this technology boon helps the pet parent to connect with the vet immediately either through a two-way video, chat or even email. These are licensed veterinarians who can give quick advice about your pet’s illness, nutrition, care or treatment.
These services are charge from a few dollars to up to $40 depending on the service you require. Many apps allow you to send in your query along with the picture of your pet for a better understanding of the vet through live chat or email. Most of these online vet apps are available on both iPhone IOS and Android supported phones which ensure easy access and user-friendly experience.
How is it helpful?

These online vet services provide basic information and advice to pet parents who have doubts or questions regarding a particular concern or behaviour of their pet. Available online 24x7, the online vet service regulations restrict the vets from prescribing medicines for the pet unless a physical examination has been conducted. However, many pet parents reportedly hope these regulations can change soon so that they can be more helpful with their services.

Hear it from a pet parent

James O’Connor from Charlestown, told a news agency about In September last year, his 2 year old Lab-Beagle mix, Charlie, came down with a lengthy bout of diarrhea. Even the three $85 visits to the vet didn’t help him, who insisted that Charlie’s diet should be changed by prescribing him a particular dog food.

James tried taking a second opinion from a gastrointestinal expert vet using Kuddly’s app, which charged him just $3. The vet said that Charlie seems to have an irritable bowel and changed his chicken-based dog food to salmon. Amazingly, Charlie is back to his happy self now!

James then quoted that Kuddly is now his go-to pet care place.

Making inroads

These businesses are now growing very fast, and you can find many Indian websites catering this service as well. These online services have partnered with over 100 vets who can benefit by earning the extra buck while pet parents can find a reliable and affordable service at the comfort of their home. 

Or you could simply log on to! You can query other pet parents on the discussion forum, go through FAQs and read articles by the experts. What more could you ask for?

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