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Urban pet parents ushering a boom in the pet care industry

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Posted on January 26, 2016: As per current data more and more families in urban India are completing their families by including a being with fur, feathers or fins. According to the India International Pet Trade Fair, pet population in India stood at 7 million in 2006 and had grown to 10 million in 2014. It is being reported that urban Indians, especially the upwardly mobile, love to splurge both on their human and pet babies. Accordingly the goods and services industry catering to pets is growing in India. The pet care industry in India currently stands at Rs 81 billion and is anticipated to grow at 35% every year.

It’s not just packaged food, utensils, medicines, collars and leashes that are being bought for pets anymore. The pet goods and services sector of India is varied and growing at a rapid pace in urban India.

Clothing, entertainment, leisure pursuits and travel for pets are the latest products and services to hit the market. Add to this luxury expenditures like spa treatment and pet jewellery and you have a boom like no other.

Keeping with this trend, Gingertail brings you a handy list of novel goods/ services available for pets in the Indian market:

Q Collar Smart Buckle: A Chennai-based product designer has formulated this collar which will enable to reunite a lost dog with his/ her pet parents. If the code on the buckle is scanned with a mobile phone the following details will surface: the pet’s name, breed, susceptible allergies and health information.

Luxury hotels: Plush hotels for pets are available not just in first world countries but in India as well. There they are treated to fun, games, delicious meals, massages, spa services, splashes in a swimming pool and watching TV on a giant screen.

Online pet cab service: Pet Cab provides vehicles for the transportation of pets 24 X 7 in Bengaluru. Customers can book trips online.

Pet Photography: Karthik Nair is the brains behind Furry Moments, a photography service exclusively for pets in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.  Some very particular pet parents prefer professionally clicked portfolio pet pictures over snaps caught on one’s mobile phone.

Pet-friendly vacation villas: The Weekend Plan provides a wide array of villas that you may choose from to have a comfortable stay during weekend gateways from Mumbai.

TailsLife app: This app comes with tabs like grooming, vets, pet outing choices, boarding, pet supplies, tips and tricks. It’ll help pet parents to contact, review and find the location of the outlet they’re looking for.

Air travel for pets: There are services available in India to organise flights for pets to any destination in any part of the globe for the purpose of both vacations and relocation. has a counter at the Delhi airport where trained assistants help stressed pets and their pet parents. operates out of the following ports of entry- New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Pet sitters: Services such as offer pet parents the option to look for hosts near one’s house who may take care of one’s pet when one’s on a vacation. The potential customer can read details on their services, skim through the reviews and view the photographs. If satisfied by what the pet parent has read, he/ she may send a request to the prospective care-giver. If the request is received positively, a booking is confirmed.

Puppy Love App: The app does away with all the middlemen who may otherwise have been needed to find friends or a mate for your pets.  

Collarfolk: This agency explores, shortlists and books pet-friendly holiday destinations. They also arrange for transportation to make the journey with pets easy and comfortable.

Dog bakeries: Whereas you love to indulge your sweet tooth, at times you may want to treat your dog to sweet treats. To cater to this dog bakeries are beginning to sprout in India cities.

Pet garments: Besides buying clothes for pets to safeguard them from the chill of winter, pet parents who can afford it wish to groom their furry babies into fashionistas by decking them in the trendiest pet attire.

Pet spas: Bathing, brushing, nail trimming, hair dye and colour, ear and teeth cleaning, massage etc- the spa is the one stop destination as far as the cleaning and beautification of the pet is concerned. This is a booming pet service segment in India.

Pet jewellery: A pet doesn’t understand how expensive a diamond crown or pendant is. Nevertheless, affluent pet parents like to buy their furry kids shiny baubles, even if it is simply to click selfies with them.

Pet psychics: Though at its nascent stage in India, Indian pet parents are consulting psychics for their character analysis, fortune telling, aura healing etc. Some also consult numerologists as far as naming the pet is concerned.

Watch this space to keep up with fast-paced pet care industry in India!

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