Posted on November 4, 2016: Pet parents and dog lovers in Delhi rejoice! The third annual Pet Fed is coming to town and it promises to be bigger and better than before. If you don’t want to take our word for it,... Read more

Posted on September 5, 2016: This is the social event of the year! Forget trendy Bollywood music launch parties or networking nights for super models, Mumbai is set to be the scene for the hottest party ever – a birthday party for 1,200 dogs!

Mumbai-based animal rescue organisation Animals... Read more

Posted on May 31, 2016: They’ve harnessed the fame of celebrities, they’ve launched a successful event supporting stray dog adoption and they’re all within the 18-21 age group. It isn’t without reason then, that the youth is considered the future of our country. More and more young people are... Read more

Posted on April 26, 2016: When most of us come across stray dogs on the street, we usually turn away with feelings ranging from disgust to bemusement. Some of us will stop to pet the animals and even fewer will feed them Parle G biscuits and play with them for a while.

Two young... Read more

Posted on October 5, 2015: Christian saints, time and again, have displayed kindness towards animals. St Antony preached to creatures with fins, whereas St Francis of Assisi preached to the feathered species. St Brigit considered the cow an animal to be protected. St Columba instructed monks in... Read more

Posted on July 20, 2015: On Wednesday afternoon, the internet surprised me with some delightful and confusing puppy-related news. Cab company Uber, first launched in San Francisco and now running in 57 countries, has tied up with Dogspot, India’s top e-Commerce website for dog merchandise, for a... Read more

Posted on 16th Mar, 2015: As the who’s-who of the canine show business toasted the 124th anniversary of the most famous dog show in the world, the shroud of controversy could hardly be ignored. Two dogs reportedly murdered and the owner of the Best in Show winner being hounded by the... Read more

Posted on 24th Feb, 2015: The pleasure of watching cats and their humourous antics on the Internet is not a secret pleasure anymore. With the furriest animals being adored by all in the virtual world, cats are the superstars of the future.

Recently, rubbing shoulders with arty films and... Read more

Posted on 10th Feb, 2015: Don’t be surprised if your pet store is stocking up on heart print beanies and offering V-day discounts. Love is in the air and the pet world is not averse to it. With online pet sites selling everything from food for date options to heart printed belts and cuddly beds... Read more

Posted on 25th Nov, 2014: Over the weekend of 22nd/23rd Nov, the grounds of Homeopathy Education Society’s campus at Vile Parle West in Mumbai was abuzz with activity – for it was World For All’s (WFA’s) annual adoption marathon or Adoptathon 2014. Committed to a... Read more


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