Posted on December 26, 2016: Up until recently, pet parents have no option but to take their dogs to ‘human-only’ parks. Dogs, however, need parks which specially cater to them. True to its name ‘Garden City’ Bengaluru has led the way for off-leash dog parks in India. This park in Whitefield... Read more

Posted on April 27, 2016: Being a parent in 2016 in India is a daunting task. Many homes feature both parents working and a nuclear family set up. Mummy and daddy need to be time savvy yet mete out quality child care. This includes the parenting of both human and pet children. A wide array of... Read more

Posted on February 7, 2016: As the pet care industry in India is set to grow by over $100 million in 2016, interest and investment in the industry is also seeing a consequent increase. Last month, Gingertail reported on how entrepreneur Rana Atheya raised funds for his dog products portal... Read more

Posted on January 26, 2016: As per current data more and more families in urban India are completing their families by including a being with fur, feathers or fins. According to the India International Pet Trade Fair, pet population in India stood at 7 million in 2006 and had grown to 10 million... Read more

Posted on January 7, 2015: Rana Atheya is a happy man. The successful chief executive officer and founder of, a delightfully pet-centric start-up that brings all sorts of pet care products to one convenient online platform, had enough reasons to smile already  with... Read more

Posted on December 9, 2015: Around the world, pets are gradually getting all the more privileges in households. There are a few lucky ones who are afforded luxuries like expensive massages, spa treatments and also stays in luxury hotels. Some of these hotels will pamper your pet more than you... Read more

Posted on July 30, 2015: Recollect the first day you brought your pet home. As a loving and responsible pet parent, you made a promise that day - to love, cherish, protect and nurture your pet. Dog parents know that dogs are known for their frequent hunger pangs and we will readily accept the... Read more

Posted on 2nd Mar, 2015: BuzzFeed, a constant source of all things shareable, has released a new app titled, ‘Cute or Not’. This brightly colored app is best described as Tinder for pets. Users swipe right (for Cute) or left (for Not Cute), earning badges along the way and uploading... Read more

Posted on 27th Feb, 2015: A dog parent recently filed a lawsuit against a popular pet food brand in the US, claiming that thousands of dogs have either gotten sick or died from eating its dry dog food.

Pet parent Frank Lucido filed the lawsuit on February 5 in US District Court in the... Read more

Posted on 27th Oct, 2014: As per research firm Euromonitor, pet care market in China currently stands at a whopping $1.5 Bn making it the latest growth industry for the world’s second largest economy. Euromonitor further expects it expand to $2.2 Bn over next 5 years... Read more

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