Posted on August 3, 2016: As you pack for that much-looked-forward-to break from the busy schedule and crowded streets of the city, there’s another break that you are NOT looking forward to. That break in your heart when you have to turn your back on those sad, pleading eyes as you leave the dog... Read more

Posted on August 13, 2015: The cats look like they’re having a ball. The human, however, looks a bit worse for wear.

Dutch businessman, Thomas Vles, travelled 300 miles from Amsterdam to London, to officially launch the first UK store of his innovative business called Poopy Cat., in April... Read more

Posted on 26th Mar, 2015: Don’t worry. Humanity is not under attack by a giant Kat Kong looking to destroy our cities and take over as our rightful overlords. Though as a die-hard cat person, I don’t see that as such a bad fate. I’m a cat slave anyway, why not be ruled by one that is mutated... Read more

Posted on 29th Jan, 2015: Losing a pet is always a traumatic experience, but how would you react if your pet came back from the dead? This is exactly what happened when Bart, a black and white cat in Florida, who was run over by a car, mysteriously returned from the dead five days... Read more

Posted on 20th Jan, 2015: Mumbai city was abuzz with the mega event held last week. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is one of the biggest events of the city. But thanks to Vitoo or Ekanksh (fondly called by residents), humans were not the only ones who participated in this event.

... Read more

Posted on 3rd Nov, 2014: Dogs are definitely man’s best friends. Even if at times it means to the peril of that poor man – as a suspected methamphetamine (meth) maker and dealer, Edward Melvin Henderson, discovered in Alabama last week. According to the authorities, the suspect was at his... Read more

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