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By agreeing to the terms of use of gingertail.in (hereafter referred to as “Website”), a property of Ina Tech Ventures (OPC) Pvt Ltd (hereafter referred to as “Company” or “Us” or “We”), you (hereafter referred to as “User” or “Users”) confirm that you have read the terms set forth in this webpage (http://gingertail.in/terms-of-use) and will comply by the said terms while accessing this Website, perusing or using information any information on this Website and uploading any content including but not limited to words, photos and videos to this Website.

Objective of this Website – The User understands that this Website is an online community for pet parents (i.e. people who own pets including but not limited to dogs, cats, hamsters, birds etc.as permitted under the Indian Law) or pet/animal lovers (i.e. people who love pets/animals) or any member of public who is interested in pets/animals and topics related to them, along with strong social responsibility towards cause of strays’ and animals’ rights. This Website has multiple objectives –

  • Connecting Users to enable sharing of ideas, advice on pet parenting as well as reviews of or recommendations on pet products and/or service providers for pets, and
  • Enabling Users to share their pet’s pictures and videos or pictures and videos of other’s pets available in public forums including social media without any copyright restrictions (together referred to as “User Content”)
  • Developing and/or hosting content including but not limited to News, Informative articles, Opinions, Editorials, User Stories, Fiction, Cartoons, Profiles, Reviews, Pictures, Videos etc. on topics related to pets and animals for Users’ information ,entrainment, opinion making and education (“Our Content” or ”Guest Content” or “Invited Content”)
  • Provide “Special Services” such as Lost and Found for our Users as well as adoption services as a support for the cause of strays
  • Helping Users locate businesses and service providers for their pets (“Business Listings”)
  • Enable businesses to showcase their products and service to the Users for a commercial consideration to the Company (“Advertising”) as well as connect to Users for feedback/ review of their products and services.

Content provided by the Website –The User understands that in line with the above stated objectives, the Website develops and hosts content on topics related to pets and animals - defined as Our Content above. Such content can be either curated from a number of sources or developed completely in house. As a matter of policy, we believe in providing full credit to the any source which is referred to while curating or developing content. While the Website has copyright over the content that it provides, it does not claim ownership to any material which is referenced to while developing this content and due references are provided including providing links to the original material – a standard universal practice in the online world to ensure credit to the original author while enabling knowledge dissemination post value addition by the Website. Keeping in line with this policy and given the Website objectives, the Users are free to share Our Content on social media, blogs etc. provided they acknowledge Website’s ownership of this content while sharing and also provide a link to the original content on the Website and maintain all the other embedded links to the references used for developing Our Content.

The Website would also be sourcing Content from Guests (Guest Content) and Users through invitations (Invited Content). The copyright for the Guest Content would rest with the original contributor but the Website reserves the right to share, distribute, modify, adapt, cite and republish the Guest Content while ensuring the credit to the original contributor where this right is royalty free, world-wide, irrevocable and nonexclusive. The copyright for the Invited Content would vest with the Website since the content was invited specifically for the use of the Website. The Users are free to share Guest Content and Invited Content on the same terms as that for Our Content.

Further the User agrees and understand that the information contained in Our Content, Guest Content and Invited Content is for the purposes of education, disseminating information, entertainment and opinion making and while care has been taken to ascertain the accuracy and reliability of the information, the Website would not be in any way responsible or liable for any loss arising to the User through use of this information.

User Content on the Website – The User Content on the website include all the forum post, comments, shared pics, videos as well as content posted on Special Services (lost and found and adoption services) on the Website. Users can post their original content (“Original User Content”) or the content which is available in public domain without any copyright restrictions (“Curated User Content”). User will have copyright over all the original content posted by him or her on the Website (Original User Content) whereas for the content which has been sourced by the User from a public forum including social media (i.e. Curated User Content) the copyright would rest with the original creator or author. The Website enjoys a royalty-free, world-wide, nonexclusive, irrevocable right to share, distribute, modify, cite and adapt the Original User Content within the stated Objectives while ensuring the credit to the User.

The User understands that the User Content are the views and opinions of that particular user and the Website just provides a platform for sharing of that content and hence, is not responsible nor shares or endorses that content. The User agree that they he/she will not post any content which is illicit, illegal, copyrighted, pornographic, inciting religious or communal hatred, maligns or slanders or attacks the reputation of an individual or an entity, and invades the privacy of any individual. The User understands that he/she would be personally liable for the content posted on the Website and Website would not be responsible for any liability arising out of the content posted by the User. Further, the User agrees to indemnify the Website from any loss or legal action arising due to his or her action on the Website.

The User agrees to use polite language while posting content ensuring that the content is sensitive to others’ culture, religion, language and background. The User also agrees not to attack, troll or use abusive language against other users while posting content including comments and forum post. The User understands that any such behaviour can lead to blocking from Website as well as legal action.

The User also agrees to not to use this Website for advertising, marketing purposes unless permitted by the Us. The User will not resort to any kind of spamming, stalking or phishing activities on the Website or using the Website logo, design or infrastructure.

While using Website’s Special Services, the User understand that these are services open to any Website User and the Website does not verify these posts. Therefore, the User agree to verify the antecedents of any User who has posted on Lost and Found or Adopt a Pet services before sharing their own details or even engaging with them.

The User understands that any one-on-one interaction with another User whether virtual or in-person would be at their own risk and Website bears no responsibility or is not liable for any damages whether personal, physical, financial or mental or losses arising out of such interaction.

Finally, any User using the Website and in particular the Special Services agree that he or she will not use this platform to solicit customers for buying or selling of pets. Any post or content found violating this term will be immediately removed.

Business listing on the Website – The User understand that the Business listing services provided on the Website is for the convenience of the Users and the Website of the Company in no way endorses any of the Business or Service. The Users will carry out their own checks and vetting before buying products or engaging the services of any of the listed business.  

Any User who is in the business of providing products or services for pets can register their establishment on this listing free of cost (“Listing Users”). Such Users would have complete control over their business listing but not over the comments and these comments would not be moderated unless they violate other Terms of Use. The Listing Users understand that the comments posted are the views or opinions of that particular individual User and the Website is not responsible nor shares or endorses those views or opinions except for providing a platform for Listing Users to interact with other Users and get feedback on their products and services.

Keeping in line with our support for the cause of animal rights, the Listing Users agree that they will not use the listing services to solicit customers for buying or selling of pets unless they represent or themselves are Animal Welfare Board approved breeders. In such a case, the Listing User would need to explicitly highlight that in the Business Listing to avoid any action by Us.

Changes in terms of use – This Terms of Use would keep on evolving based on our experience and User feedback as well as on addition or more newer features to the Website. Therefore, this will be updated without any prior notice to the Users.

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