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Do tortoises make good pets?

I have been thinking of getting a tortoise as a pet and wondering if they make good pets? Can anyone please share any experiences? Also, are there regulations that one needs to be aware of?

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By law, it is illegal to keep any Indian species of turtles as pet. The same laws do not apply to non-native species including the Red-Eared Slider.
Here in India, turtles are imported for sale as well as some people prefer having them in soups. So if you planning to get a turtle, its worth saving a life. As a pet parent of two RES turtles, I can say that turtles need special care when they are too young. They need same kind of treatment as we provide to a infant human baby. Once they grow up healthy, they don't require much attention. Their food intake is minimal. You can either provide them with turtle food or else you can offer human food like coriander, tomato. My turtles love dry fig and cheeselings. Talking about their habitat, it depends which turtle u get. As of RES turtle, they live on water as well as land. They love basking in sunlight which makes their shell stronger. While they are young, they suffer from eye infection and other minor disease. So special care has to be taken while handling a small turtle.


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