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Code of Conduct

This forum has been created with an objective of providing a platform for pet parents to discuss, share and advise on topics of mutual interest related to pet parenting. The idea behind this forum is to seed a thriving community of pet parents enabling them to interact and support each other. Team Gingertail sincerely hopes that this forum would provide an enriching and stimulating environment which will add value to the lives of parents and their pets. At Gingertail, we take politeness and etiquettes very seriously and hope that while using this forum the users would follow the social norms of courtesy that we generally extend to each other in our day-to-day life. We would also like to reiterate that in line with our terms and conditions for this website, all the posts made on this forum expresses the views and opinions of the author of each post and the website (ie. gingertail.in), the website staff or entities associated with the website are in no way liable for these posts. Therefore, the liability for the posts rests with the respective author. By using this forum, the users also agree that forum staff can suitably modify, alter, change or even remove any post to ensure a healthy forum environment and interaction between users (‘moderation’). However, this moderation would only be to the extent of ensuring that the code of conduct and terms and conditions of use for this website are not being violated. Also, while the staff would make all possible attempt to moderate any content which is in violation of code of conduct, please bear in mind that moderation may not immediately take place and there may some time lag between posting of comments and any action taken (if required) by the forum staff. Users who are found to be violating our code of conduct may face action including but not limited to removal of content, blocking from the site and suitable legal action.By using this forum, you agree to comply by the following code of conduct in addition to our Terms & Conditions –

  • Post relevant topics – Users are requested to post topics that are relevant to the forum and linked to the general area of pet parenting. Any topic which is not connected to pet parenting or the overall forum theme will be removed or moved to a suitable forum.
  • Polite behaviour – Users are requested to use polite language while posting on the forum. Users are also requested to be sensitive to others’ culture, language and background while posting on the forum and not post anything which may offend or hurt the sentiments of others. We strongly discourage use of any abusive words or any kind of trolling or attacking behaviour on the forum. Any such behaviour will attract suitable action by the forum staff.
  • Marketing, advertising and spamming – We strongly discourage use of this forum for any marketing, advertising and spamming purposes and any such post will be removed esp. if it is not related to the topic under discussion.
  • Posting of copyright material – If the users are sharing any content from a third party source, we would request you to kindly provide proper references along with a link so that due credit is given to the original author of the content.
  • Posting of any objectionable material – Any objectionable or illegal material including but not limited to pornography, links to malicious or phishing websites, viruses, religiously sensitive material, amounting to invasion of an individual’s privacy or content maligning or slandering an individual, entity or an institution will not be posted on this forum and an inability to comply with this may invite legal action.
  • No personal information – Users are requested not to provide or seek any personal information such as address, phone numbers, email ids or credit card information on this forum.
  • Appeals – In case users want to appeal any action of the forum staff, please send an email to forum_monitor@gingertail.in. In case of conflict, the decision of the forum staff would be final and users agree to abide by it. 

This code of conduct can be updated, changed or modified from time to time without any prior notice to the users based on our experience and your feedback.

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